Guardians of The Galaxy’s Saddest Moment is Paid Off in The Comics

Although the Guardians of the Galaxy films are comical, they do possess melancholic moments, and Rocket’s saddest moment is paid off in the comics.

The MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy films are filled with hysterical moments thanks to the team’s outlandish team members like Drax the Destroyer, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon, as well as the equally outlandish adventures they find themselves on. But amidst the laughter and the tongue-in-cheek banter there are some heartfelt moments – and one of Rocket Raccoon’s saddest moments from the movies eventually gets resolved on the comic book page.

Each of the Guardians of the Galaxy members has experienced times of sorrow throughout the films, with the most memorable melancholic moment probably being Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord, experiencing the loss of his mother. For Drax, it’s the loss of his beloved family to the wrath of The Mad Titan Thanos. When it comes to the newly recruited Mantis – she is eternally sad due to being an empath. And although Gamora is generally the one who ensures everyone stays in line during times of madness, even she loses her strength and recalls all of the anguish she has endured as a result of being Thanos’ daughter. As far as the fan-favorite Rocket, his greatest sadness comes from his constantly being labeled a simple raccoon. But Rocket’s sadness melts away in Al Ewing, Dean White, Darren Shan, Federico Blee, Juann Cabal, and Cory Petit’s Guardians of the Galaxy #1.

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The Guardians of the Galaxy are finally enjoying some relaxation on a planet called Halfworld. And as Peter, Gamora, and Groot prepare the food for a table being occupied by Drax, Rocket, Moondragon, and Phylla-Vell, Moondragon references Rocket’s new suit ands says, “The raccoon in winter.” But rather than lashing out because Moondragon calls him a raccoon – as the word acts as a reminder of Rocket Raccoon’s sorrowful origin story, he responds in way that surprises his teammates.

After being called a raccoon and listening to Drax use the word twice in a sentence to further the joke, he responds by telling everyone he knows he’s a raccoon-like being, despite his ability to craft weapons and his excellent marksmanship. After telling everyone he’s okay with being called a raccoon, Peter asks why, when he generally scolds and/or threatens to even kill them when they use the term. And Rocket replies in a heartfelt manner by saying the reason he’s okay with being called a raccoon is because he’s finally happy and comfortable for the first time in a long time thanks to his team.

Throughout the Guardians of the Galaxy films there are plenty of times where the audience is supposed to feel bad for Rocket – especially with his body being operated on more than once on the planet Halfworld. But it’s also poetic that the place where he has endured so much pain and suffering is also the place where he admits to being happy and comfortable in his own skin.

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