Doctor Who: The Daleks Have Lost Skaro

The Daleks are waging war against an Entity from outside time and space – and it has just conquered their homeworld, Skaro.

The Daleks have lost Skaro in the Doctor Who Daleks! spinoff animated series. Doctor Who may not be on the air right now, but the franchise is continuing to expand in bold and innovative ways. The “Time Lord Victorious” transmedia initiative ties together comics, novels, the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, and even a tremendous Dalek animated series that is releasing weekly on YouTube.

Time is in flux, and it is all the Doctor’s fault. David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor has traveled back to the Dark Times when the universe was young. There, he has encountered the Kotturuh, the Bringers of Death, who allocated every race a lifespan. Considering himself the Time Lord Victorious, the Doctor successfully led an army against them, and consequently, he has prevented death becoming a force to be reckoned with in the universe. Entire races that should have been rendered extinct in the Dark Times have been restored. The Daleks are suddenly finding their might challenged.

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Seeking ancient knowledge, the Daleks have attacked the Archives of Islos. What they did not expect, however, was for the inhabitants of Islos to use their records to find a way to escape them – by finding a way to contact an entity outside time and space. The Daleks immediately recognize they are dealing with a force beyond their understanding, and so they beat a strategic retreat. To their growing horror, the entity pursues them, and soon Skaro itself is lost.

Daleks Defend Skaro

The being the Daleks refer to as “the Entity” is a powerful force that clearly transcends the laws of time and space. It is not bound by physical distance, and indeed in another conflict with the powerful Daleks, it rewrites the past to undermine the Daleks before they can even initiate a strategy. The Daleks may have fought the Time Lords in the Time War, but they have never encountered anything quite like this before. There is no evidence the Daleks can even hurt the Entity, let alone exterminate it. Worse still, because the Entity is a mystery, its purpose in our reality is unknown as well. Will it be satisfied with destroying the Daleks? Or has it been unleashed upon this universe to consume it? If the Daleks cannot stop the Entity, then nothing else can.

The scale of the “Time Lord Victorious” story is tremendous. This animated story is just one aspect of the full narrative, one being told in countless mediums, that will ultimately see three Doctors go to war on one another. Hopefully, the next few episodes will reveal just what the Entity is, explaining how this being fits into the lore of Doctor Who, establishing it – and its race – as a force to be reckoned with when the tale of “Time Lord Victorious” has come to an end.

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