Did Zac Clark Really Get 3rd Place In NYC Marathon?

The Bachelorette’s Zac Clark has won Tayshia Adams’ heart with his maturity, but as his Instagram suggests, has he also won 3rd place at the marathon?

While Clare Crawley dreamed about starting her new chapter with Dale Moss, the rest of her The Bachelorette suitors felt the heat to perform. But with Tayshia Adams walking in at the right moment, most of the men are getting enough screen-time to shine and spark controversies. While he may lie in the former category, Zac Clark is one such suitor who is rumored to have gone a long way into The Bachelorette’s season 16. Zac’s Instagram too shows him being a star at city marathons, but as his picture suggests, did Tayshia’s man really get third place in the race?

Putting his party days behind him, The Bachelorette’s Zac, better known as “Zac C” is on a road to recovery and romance. With his unique job profile as an addiction specialist, Zac has made it his life’s purpose to help people lead happy lives post-rehab. In spite of his flair, the South Jersey boy wasn’t really able to win over Clare. But he seems to share a different kind of chemistry with Tayshia, the new Bachelorette. Fans and Tayshia alike have been fawning over Zac’s Matthew McConaughey-esque looks and of course, his maturity. Zac’s scene with Tayshia “squeezing out” the truth from him gave the last episode of The Bachelorette an “aww” worthy moment, and the same can be said about his social media as well. One scroll through this ABC celeb’s Insta profile shows him having run multiple marathons, each post getting him loads of accolades and appreciation. But is Tayshia’s choice really that good a runner to make him a frontrunner on The Bachelorette?

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In his Instagram post from November 2016, the then 32-year-old Zac is seen standing in Central Park holding up his shiny medal and showing the number three sign with his hand. In his caption too, The Bachelorette celeb writes, “three-peat” and talks about having run the TCS New York City Marathon 2016. Zac’s comments are filled with his followers patting his back for his impressive performance at the marathon, with one saying, “so happy to have been there to watch you,” and another one claiming that he “is the best!” Regardless, Zachary Clark’s page on the NYRR website tells a different story. While The Bachelorette star’s picture may suggest he’s won third place at the marathon, his profile mentions him having placed “14,884 of 51,274” with an official time of “4:04:32.” Is it the team Runwell that Zac seems to be associated with that he got placed 3rd in? Perhaps the medal was for the ranking Zac got in his own team! However, while to some it may appear that Tayshia’s eligible man is misleading his followers with his photo, the truth is far more spectacular.

The number “three” in Zac’s photo and caption does not indicate his position in the race but the total times The Bachelorette celeb has run the NYC Marathon. Zac has documented his second attempt from November 2014 on IG too, with a similar post. Zac’s recent post about his marathon mania is from November 2019 where he shows off his hard work and flashes a number six sign, captioned with, “felt the love today. #6” In fact, a hopeful Zac, when a friend has commented, “Tom Brady is chasing you next year,” had replied with, “Tom Brady better hustle up. Doing London in April, that will be 7.” While the 2020 London Marathon from April got rescheduled to October this year, the new reality TV star seems to not have fulfilled his dream.

For the ladies that land upon Zac C’s Instagram, he may definitely look like an Olympic-level marathon runner. But, for now, it’s safe to say that the only race that matters for The Bachelorette star, which he also seems to have won, is the one that leads to Tayshia’s heart!

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Source: Zac Clark/Instagram, NYRR

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