Demar Has A Lot Of Pics With Ladies On Instagram

The Bachelorette contestant Demar Jackson sure does have a lot of ladies on his Instagram – are they all just friends, or is there something more?

Demar Jackson left an impression during the most recent episode of The Bachelorette despite getting very little screen time. However, there’s something about Demar that is slightly suspicious: how many women he has on his Instagram. Is it harmless self-promotion, or something more? Let’s take a deeper dive into his Instagram to find out.

Demar Jackson is 26 years old and works as a spin instructor in Scottsdale, Arizona. He works at The Madison spin gym where he goes by DJ. His spinning skills would have paid off on this week’s group date, the “Grown Man Challenge,” but we didn’t get to see his round of the human tug-of-war. We did see him do well in the math and spelling portion of the date, and he took a dig at Bennett by saying he went to Arizona State but was spelling better than the Harvard grad. However, Demar didn’t mention that he also went to Clemson University where he got a Master’s. Though he didn’t say much else this episode, he won over Tayshia enough to get a rose and will continue to go on dates next week.

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After getting to know Demar a little better from the show, his Instagram was the logical next step to see what the Scottsdale spinner is all about. Turns out, he likes posing with ladies. However, after lots of Instagram creeping, it looks like most of the women he posts are his co-workers or clients. Tayshia and the rest of America are probably relieved to hear that.

Demar Jackson

Although his Instagram pictures may seem flirtatious at first, it turns out that they’re all work-related. In the first picture of him with two women in matching SQUAD shirts, the women are his co-workers. Also, it looks like Demar has been promoted from spin instructor to program director, according to his caption. Apparently his time off to film The Bachelorette didn’t hurt his career. The second picture is also a co-worker, @alexismansperger. The third picture of Demar is with one of his first-ever clients, and Demar is celebrating her 100th class at The Madison. It looks like The Madison has a lot of female spin instructors and clients, and Demar seems to have a good friendship with them all.

Fans can rest easy that Demar Jackson is not pulling a Demario Jackson, despite their very similar names. Demario surprised Rachel Lindsay by having a girlfriend who showed up to a date. In Demar’s case however, he just seems like a dedicated spin instructor who has great relationships with his co-workers and clients – and hopefully a great relationship with Tayshia too!

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