Actor Shares Video Of Director Dissing His Apartment During Audition

Actor Lukas Gage posted a video on Twitter of a director dissing his apartment during his Zoom audition. The director thought he was on mute.

Actor Lukas Gage has shared a video of an unnamed director insulting his apartment during a Zoom audition. The 25-year-old actor recently starred in Euphoria as Tyler and Love, Victor, as Derek. He, like many actors in this time, has been caught in the middle of a pandemic-era audition season, which has required alternative means of meeting with directors.

One of the ways the industry has adapted to the changes required by COVID-19 is video conferencing, which has become the next best thing to in-person interaction. Interviews, readings, and auditions alike have since turned to Zoom for this. One of the pitfalls of Zoom, however, is the danger of muting or unmuting.

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Gage recently posted on his Twitter a clip of a director dissing his apartment during his Zoom audition. The director had presumed he was on mute, saying to another person on the video call, “These poor people live in these tiny apartments, like I’m looking at his, you know, background, and he’s got his TV.” Gage smiles jarringly at the unexpected comment, informing the director that he’s unmuted. Out of both respect for himself and the embarrassed director, Gage cracks a lighthearted joke while still addressing the remark, saying, I know it’s a s—-y apartment, that’s why [you should] give me this job so I can get a better one. Without any further hesitation, Gage takes the reins of the interview and transitions immediately into the audition, asking if the director is ready to proceed.

The director is instantly embarrassed and lets out a volley of apologies. Gage remains professional, moving past the comment and saying, Listen, I’m living in a 4-by-4 box, it’s fine, just give me the job and we’ll be fine. The director says that he is mortified, releasing another set of apologies, while the other person on the call lets out an uncomfortable laugh. All the while, Gage remains composed and unbothered on the outside. The comment was nonetheless unwarranted and rather unprofessional on the director’s part, though, and Gage captions the video with: psa if youre a s–t talking director make sure to mute ur s–t on zoom mtgings [sic].

In response to his tweet, many big-name actors rallied to his support. Joe Jonas commented on Gage’s Instagram that he handled it like a champ,” and Mad Men’s January Jones added, Classy response Lukas.” Even other Hollywood directors chimed in, with Judd Apatow tweeting, As a young man I would have dreamed of an apartment like this one. Look at that sweet flat screen! The guitar!  The moldings! In the video, Gage makes a point not to let any emotions get in the way of his performance, showing professionalism lauded by many veterans in the industry. One of his former directors, Zelda Williams, confirmed, Since @lukasgage is going is going viral on film twitter for being the graceful, quick-thinking sweetheart he is, I’d like to add for any (non-asshole) director’s looking that he’s also a delight to work with, funny, talented and a blast on set. Hire this man!

With the events of COVID-19, the entertainment industry has had to adapt in such a way that video conferencing has become the most prominent way for actors, directors, and other industry professionals to connect. Furthermore, the necessity to stay at home for these video calls may give an intimate look into an actor’s living space. Gage’s decision to post the video of a director insulting his apartment has perhaps opened a dialogue about the professionalism of the industry.

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Source: Lukas Gage/Twitter

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