5 Reasons To Watch The Show (& 5 Why It’s Not Worth Your Time)

A new series on Fox is called Filthy Rich, and the reviews that critics have been giving are quite mixed. Some of them love the show and its premise, while others have seen the flaws that are expected to grow worse as the series progresses. The show itself is about a family who runs a Christian television network, but things go awry when its founder dies and his three illegitimate children are discovered.

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Viewers who are looking for something new to watch might be considering this show, and there are reasons to watch it, as well as reasons to choose something else. Keep reading to learn why this show is a hit, and how it falls flat in other viewers’ eyes!

10 Watch The Show: It’s Different From Anything Else Out There

Filthy Rich series feature image

The greatest thing about this show is that there is really nothing else out there like it. It is taking primetime television in a new direction with both the Christian premise of the show itself, as well as the plotline and mix of characters that they have decided to go with.

Viewers realize this in the first episode as it is the biggest reason as to why they decide to keep watching, rather than turning it off and choosing something else.

9 Not Worth It: It’s Confusing

Eugene Monreaux in Filthy Rich

The show itself is good until viewers realize just how confusing and jumbled the entire plot of the show is due to the various pieces they throw at them.

First, there are the three illegitimate children, then viewers learn that Eugene Monreaux isn’t dead, and finally, they introduce a plot with the Reverend and investors. It becomes very easy to grow lost in the span of these three plots as they seem to throw things in there to add to the mystery, but it only ends with viewers becoming more confused.

8 Watch The Show: It’s A Drama-Filled Soap

This is one of the greatest modern-day soaps to be released as of yet, as many seem to die off in this era of reality television.

There much drama and several interesting characters’ narratives are there to hook viewers from the very beginning. The southern setting only adds to its originality between the setting, accents, and cultural way of life in this part of the country.

7 Not Worth It: Where Will It Go?

Ginger and her mother on Filthy Rich

The biggest question on viewers’ minds is where this series plans to go as the storylines all seem to have a quick termination point. For example, Eugene Monreaux will be found alive and he could make everything right again as he takes his place as the patriarch of the family.

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The investors are shady and have their own scheme, and even this seems to be coming to a close in the early episodes of the season. It just leaves viewers wondering if it is even worth the watch as its lifespan already seems too short to try and span more than a single season.

6 Watch The Show: Kim Cattrall’s Performance Is Phenomenal

Kim Cattrall as Margaret Monreaux on Filthy Rich

Fans will never forget Kim Cattrall’s performance in Sex and the City, and now she has done it again in this series. She is the star 0f this show between her acting, southern accent, and flair she gives to this southern matriarch who she plays.

It was like she was made for the role and fans of her work can’t wait to see what she does next in her role as Margaret Monreaux.

5 Not Worth It: The Plot Twists Are Foreseeable

Eugene Monreaux in Filthy Rich

Fans are put off by the foreseeable plot twists that keep popping up throughout the show. For example, fans figured Eugene would still be alive after his body wasn’t recovered and it is something that had a lot of viewers changing the channel.

This isn’t the only time this has happened, as even Jason woke up from his coma in a plot twist that even those who have never watched the show could have seen coming from a mile away.

4 Watch The Show: It Shows The Business Side Of Christian Television

Filthy Rich shows the business side of Christian television

The game is loosely based on Christianity and shows more the business side of Christian television shows as they undergo the same struggles as any other company. It is interesting for viewers to see this side of these shows, as well as the potential scandals that could unfold and hurt the image of the product they are selling.

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According to Pew Research Center, about 70.6% of people in the United States identify as Christian, which makes this show’s central focus a part of many viewers’ lives.  The same cannot be said of other similar soaps which is what makes Filthy Rich a show that everyone should watch.

3 Not Worth It: It Can Be Unsettling

Jason and Rose in Filthy Rich

One part of this series, in particular, has fans cringing long after the issue is resolved, and this is when Jason kisses Rose for the first time. This is still when it is believed the two are siblings, and Rose thinks they are as well even if Jason knows the truth.

She seems to develop feelings for him, even though she thinks they are related by blood, which is as cringy as it is unsettling to many viewers.

2 Watch The Show: It Deals With Modern Topics

Ginger Sweet on Filthy Rich

The show is set in modern-day times and deals with modern topics, which helps viewers relate to it more than they would with other shows. It covers a video-chatting fetish site, a for-profit Christian television network, and the realities of how infidelities can affect families.

Viewers might not be able to relate, but the modern themes connect them to the series in a way that other soaps fail to do on primetime television.

1 Not Worth It: It’s Not As Funny As It Should Be

Margaret and Franklin on Filthy Rich

The show makes it obvious that they try to be humorous, but the jokes and punny lines often fall flat. What is supposed to lighten the mood and diminish the serious aspect of the series, often comes across as either cringy or boring.

Fans want to laugh, although the show makes it not worth the watch as their funny lines continue to grow worse as the episodes drag on and make it quite forgettable.

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