10 Things You Didn’t Know About Meghan Ory

Meghan Ory is known for Once Upon a Time and now stars on Chesapeake Shores. However, there’s a lot you might not know about her.

Meghan Ory is a famous actress known for her roles in Chesapeake Shores, Once Upon a Time, and Merlin’s Apprentice. When Ory was seventeen years old, she seriously started acting and focusing on her career and she hasn’t stopped ever since. The actress has been in the movie industry for over twenty years now and she has achieved some impressive milestones along the way.

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Although she has appeared in a ton and been around for so long, people don’t know all that much about her. There are many interesting bits and details from her life that will give an even better insight into her life and career.

10 She is Canadian

Meghan Ory smiling

Meghan Ory was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada where she grew up alongside her brother Jesse and their parents Bonnie and Nathan E. Ory. Her father has Ukrainian roots and her last name comes from Oritsky.

During her years in high school, she would often travel from Canada to the United States where she was accompanied by her mother to audition and work on all kinds of projects.

9 She Had a Modeling Career

Meghan Ory modeling

When Meghan was 31 years old she was invited to model for the famous British designer Vivienne Westwood at the From Scotland With Love Fashion Show that is been held every year in New York City. She was wearing a beautiful beige gown with white underneath tulle and a rich bustier corset.

Aside from the fact that the actress looked like a princess, the runway was held for a good cause, to help the Wounded Warrior Project as well as the McConnell International Foundation.

8 She Had to Earn Her Way In

Meghan Ory

Since Ory was only eight years old, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in acting. She began acting in her local theater and she absolutely loved every moment on stage. Although she was aware of her talent and passion, Ory started auditioning and acting later on in life due to strict parenting.

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Ory’s mother prohibited auditions until she was old enough to really make responsible decisions and had a good education as a backup.

7 She is Happily Married

Meghan Ory and her husband

Meghan Ory met John Reardon (who is also an actor from Canada) on the set of the movie Merlin’s Apprentice in 2006. They almost immediately started dating and in 2008 they got married.

They have been happily married for over ten years and the fact that they have the same line of work contributes to their marriage in a good way. They understand how demanding the movie industry is and they are working on maintaining their relationship.

6 She is a Mother of Two

Meghan Ory and her kids

Since she got married to John Reardon, the actress could not be more in love and after ten years of marriage, they decided to have a baby. In 2018, the couple announced on Instagram that they are expecting a son.

Shortly after in July 2019, the actress made a second announcement that she and her husband were expecting their second child. With two children and a busy acting career, the actress is still managing perfectly to keep everything in her life in order.

5 She is a Published Author

Meghan Ory on a laptop

Aside from her work as an actress and her lifetime role as a mother, Meghan Ory is also a writer. She decided to share her high school occurrences by writing about bullying.

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She believes that it is important for teenagers as well as grown-ups to understand how the negative effects of bullying can impact the mental state of one person. It is important to raise awareness on this topic and that is the reason behind the series of teen books that go under the name Chronicles of the Girl Wars.

4 The Role That Launched Meghan Ory’s Career

Meghan Ory

In the movie industry, it is very important for an actor to get that one groundbreaking role where they will have the opportunity to shine and seize the moment. For Meghan Ory, this happened in 2000 when she was cast to play the role of Juliette Waybourne in the series Higher Ground.

The show was about four teenagers who attend a therapeutic boarding school due to their traumatic upbringing. Although the series had only one season with 22 episodes, it was more than enough for Ory to be noticed.

3 Her Biggest Roles

Meghan Ory

In 2011, she was cast to play Ruby or better known as the Red Riding Hood in the series Once Upon a Time. She was with the show for two consecutive seasons and she appears in seven episodes as a guest star in the third and fifth season of the show.

Her next big role is a lead character in the show Chesapeake Shores where she portrays Abby O’Brien Winters, who is a mother of two and a businesswoman that returns home and is desperately trying to salvage what is left of her big family.

2 She is as Honest as a Mirror

Meghan Ory

The actress can persuade everyone on the little screen that she is Abby O’Brien Winters or Red Riding Hood, but in real life, she can not lie to save her life.

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This often puts her in a very tricky situation, because in order for her to accept working on a project, she has to believe in it. This means that in every role she ever accepted, she trusted that she can give 100%. It is a truly admirable quality.

1 How She Decided to Join the Chesapeake Shores Crew

Meghan Ory on Chesapeake Shores

The actress felt a strong connection to the character Abby O’Brian Winters as soon as she finished reading the pilot. The fact that Abby’s story is connected to a big family, their everyday struggles, and real problems made it a very relatable topic.

Ory also imagined how the character of Abby can develop in the future and it really pulled her towards accepting the project.

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