Why Hellboy Would Never Join The Ghostbusters

As Hellboy fights malevolent ghosts in Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: The Seven Wives Club, it becomes clear that he would never join the Ghostbusters.

Warning! Spoilers for Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: The Seven Wives Club.

Anung Un Rama – more commonly known as Hellboy has fought countless scary monsters since Grigori Rasputin spawned him on the Earth in an effort to aid the Nazi Regime. And yet, out of all the creatures he has faced over the years, he despises ghosts most of all – and for a good reason. This goes to show that he would never consider joining a group like the Ghostbusters, even if he was given the chance.

Hellboy is one of the leading members of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, which is a top-secret government agency that specializes in eradicating supernatural threats and as a result of his dedication to hunting down monsters, he has come across many different types such as werewolves, witches, as well as well-known malicious entities like Baba Yaga. Though out of all of the supernatural threats he has eliminated, his most-hated opponent is ghosts. Hence, why he would never join a comedic team like the Ghostbusters whose only purpose is to eliminate ghostly and demonic entities whenever they receive the call. And his hatred for ghosts becomes apparent in Mike Mignola, Adam Hughes, and Dave Stewart’s one-shot special Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: The Seven Wives Club.

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After Hellboy teams up with B.P.R.D. field agent Pauline Raskin, the two begin to investigate the eerie history of a place known as The Holy Sisters Of Marne – which is the place where the body of a man named Wakeman, who is known to have burned seven women alive and has hanged himself, is being stored. While the guide and main source of intel, Mr. Ford, brings Hellboy and Raskin into the basement of the building, which is supposedly where Wakeman’s body is being stored and where seven of the sisters – including Mr. Ford’s mother – used to work with black magic and dissect his body, he tells them that the sisters who were involved with managing Wakeman’s body had all started to die in strange ways. Once the trio gets to the basement; Mr. Ford is called by the ghost of his mother, gets possibly killed, and Hellboy as well as Raskin discover the decayed body of Wakeman who has seven paper hearts pinned to his chest cavity. After Hellboy and Raskin hear Mr. Ford scream, a throng of ghosts rise out of the floor, set themselves ablaze, and begin to reach for them.

As the flame engulfed ghosts attempt to grab ahold of Hellboy and Raskin, Raskin discovers that the pinned paper hearts in Wakeman’s chest cavity may be the reason they are still present in the material world – which prompts her to start ripping them in half. Luckily, the ghosts begin to disappear as Raskin shreds the paper hearts, but her luck dwindles once Wakeman’s body comes to life and grabs her. Since Hellboy is immune to the fire caused by the ghosts, he rushes over to Raskin and begins to beat Wakeman with his massive red arm till his chest cavity and face explode – causing the ghosts to completely disappear. After the wild incident, Raskin begins to debate whether the ghosts of the seven burned victims are attached to the paper hearts or Wakeman’s body itself, which provokes Hellboy to tell her, “Give me a werewolf or a mummy–they might put up a fight but at least you usually know what they’re about.”

Hellboy’s rogue’s gallery is filled with bizarre creatures – even creatures of a supernatural Jurassic Park and yet, it makes sense that he hates battling ghosts as one can never tell why they’re causing mischief and or mayhem. But maybe if he had his very own proton gun, the ghosts wouldn’t be such a menace.

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