Who Was The Better Character?

Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger are both great characters from Harry Potter. While they’re very different, here’s how they might compare.

Hermione Granger is one the main characters from Harry Potter, and while Luna Lovegood is more of a side character, they are two of the main female characters that play a big role while Harry is at Hogwarts.

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These two characters are very different when it comes to personalities and perspectives on life, and they are both wonderful in their own ways. While everyone has their own opinions on who their favorite characters are, there are some strengths worth pointing out and comparing.

10 Luna: Because she knew that not everything was black and white

Hermione is someone who sees the world in a more black and white way, and while this has its merits at times, it can also lead to being close-minded. Luna was the opposite of her in this way as she was very open-minded. As a teen, she believed in some things that were too out there, but as an adult, it’s explained that she reigned this in.

However, being fanciful and knowing that some things in life aren’t easy to explain have many merits.

9 Hermione: Her practicality and logic was really useful

Hogwarts at Christmas Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Philosopher's Stone Ron Weasley Hermione Granger Wizard Chess

While Hermione could be somewhat more uptight and not willing to listen to other perspectives, the fact that she was so practical came in handy often.

Even as an 11-year-old, her great understanding of logic allows her to beat the test set by Snape to get to the Sorcerer’s Stone. There were also times she wasn’t able to see the truth because it wasn’t simple, but her practicality was a good balance to people like Harry and Ron.

8 Luna: She doesn’t really care what others think of her

Hermione and Luna are bothersome characters with many heroic moments and positive traits, but one way that Luna is admirable is that she didn’t care so much about what others thought.

She did want to have friends and be cared about, but she wasn’t going to change who she was just to make others happy. This is a trait that we can all learn from.

7 Hermione: Because she planned everything and was responsible

Many fans have pointed out that it was often Hermione who really kept everything going, not Harry. Hermione was always the one planning and organizing. She started Dumbledore’s Army and made all of the plans for the Horcrux Hunt.

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In many ways, she could have been a better protagonist than Harry, and she definitely deserves all of the credit for being the responsible and capable one.

6 Luna: She was less judgemental

One of Hermione’s flaws is that she can be somewhat judgemental of others. It’s not that she’s a mean person, it’s just that she sees things one way and wants everything to be right.

She’s definitely a Virgo. Luna, on the other hand, wasn’t as judgemental. While Hermione was sometimes mean to Luna, Luna was fairly open-minded.

5 Hermione: Because she was consistently a hero in the story

Hermione might not be the protagonist of the series, but she still has many heroic moments. Both of these characters are brave and loyal, but since Hermione is more central to the story, we get to see more scenes where she shines.

She was often willing to risk her own life to save other people, and she also did things like study to figure out how to brew Polyjuice Potion or research to help save Buckbeak.

4 Luna: She wasn’t afraid to be herself

Luna wasn’t well-loved by her peers overall because she was kind of odd and eccentric. She had a unique sense of style, and she didn’t just try to fit in with the group.

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This is one reason why so many fans fell in love with this character. She would wear radish earrings and be off in a dream-land, and she just wasn’t too worried if other people around her thought that it was weird.

3 Hermione: Her intellect and hard work were unmatched

Hermione Wrong Potions Class

Hermione is said over and over to be the smartest witch or wizard in her year at Hogwarts. She’s clearly naturally gifted at magic and good at coursework, but she also works really hard.

She doesn’t expect things to just be handed to her, and she really gives learning her all. Because of this combination, she knows many things that are able to help defeat Voldemort and other villains along the way.

2 Luna: She was the more creative and artistic one

Hermione is really smart, but there is more than one way to be intelligent. While Hermione was intellectual in the traditional sense of the word, Luna’s smarts were more in being creative and artistic.

She was able to do things like constructing a lion’s head that actually roared, and she also clearly was able to see the world in many different dimensions with a great imagination.

1 Hermione: Hermione was instrumental in defeating Voldemort

Because Hermione is a member of the trio, she’s just more important to the story. She’s given many key moments where she saves or helps save the day.

Without her, Harry definitely wouldn’t have been able to find all of the Horcruxes and destroy them, and there were so many other moments where she changed the plot and saved the day.

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