Where to Find Every Time Capsule Location in Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is relatively short, but there is a lot of side content to complete. This guide shows how to collect all the time capsules.

The sequel to 2018’s breakout Spider-Man game, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, is an exciting game, but it is nowhere near as long as the first entry. Players will probably be able to make their way through the game’s storyline over about ten hours. This makes Miles Morales about half as long as the first game, but luckily there is plenty of other things for players to spend their time within the game.

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A great way to spend time in Spider-Man: Miles Morales is by attempting to searching for all of the game’s different collectible objects. One of these sets of collectibles are the time capsules that were hidden all throughout the city by a younger Miles and his friend Phin. Those who want to track down all 15 of these objects will need a sharp eye. This guide shows players how to find all of the time capsules.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Where To Find Time Capsules

Spiderman Miles Morales Tokens Feature

When Miles and Phin were children they decided to hide 15 different time capsules throughout the city, but now Miles has decided that its time to recover them all. In order to start tracking these time capsules down the player will first need to complete the sixth main mission of the game. Once this mission is over markers for the capsules will appear on the map that shows their general location. Players will still need to search the area if they want to track the capsules down though. Each one that is collected will grant the player activity tokens and experience points. Here are the more specific locations of each time capsule:


  • There are actually two different capsules for players to find in Chinatown. The first one is kind of tricky to nab. It’s on the boat that sails around the western edge of the area. Players will need to web swing high up in the air and jump in order to get far enough out to land on the boat. Players will find the capsule on the fans on the back of the boat.
  • The second capsule is much easier to acquire. Players will need to travel over to the bridge that leads out of Chinatown. On the lowest beam underneath the bridge players will find the time capsule.

Upper West Side

  • There is only one capsule to locate in the Upper West Side area. There is a park near the river that players will need to travel to, and where there can be found a massive rock. On the north side of this big rock, players will find a small opening that they can enter. The time capsule is just inside here.

Upper East Side

  • Once again there are two capsules for players located in the Upper East Side. If players travel north they will need to search around the Upper East Side’s border with Harlem to find the first capsule. Players will need to climb up high and look for a building that has a courtyard on its roof. The time capsule can be found inside the tree here.
  • The second time capsule of the Upper East Side can be found by traveling to the east and checking out the park here. Near the edge of the park the player will find another small courtyard but this one contains a statue that has the time capsule in front of it.


  • It seems that Miles and Phin spent a lot of time in Midtown because there are actually three different time capsules to collect here.  The first one for players to find is actually located at the park that sits on the border between Midtown and Greenwich. There will be a train here that players can pull out of the way using their webs, and on the ground where they will find the first capsule.
  • The second capsule can be located in the middle of some construction work, but the workers here don’t want to be bothered by Spider-Man. In order to get close enough to snag the time capsule, players will need to go invisible and sneak up in the middle of the workers. They can then snag the capsule.
  • The final capsule in Midtown will be located smack dab in the middle of Times Square. This capsule is actually wedged between two of the billboards here, so players will need to climb up the middle of the billboards in order to grab the capsule.

Hell’s Kitchen

  • In the stomping grounds of everyone’s favorite blind superhero, players will be able to find two separate time capsules. The first capsule can be found by traveling over to the bridge that is in the southern part of Hell’s Kitchen. If players step underneath this bridge they will find a broken piece of wall above their heads that needs to be pulled apart using webs. After that players can climb up and snag the capsule that is there.
  • If players travel to the northern part of this district they will eventually come across two large pipes that have trash stuffed in them. If players use their webs to pull the trash out of the left pipe they will be able to reach in and grab the last capsule of Hell’s Kitchen.


  • There is only one capsule for players to collect in Harlem, but this one can take a little bit of time to collect. The time capsule is located in the space in between the second and third cars on the train that travels through Harlem. This means that players need to first track down the train and then hop on it while it is moving. The easiest way to do this is to wait at the train station for the train to pass by and then jump onto the third car as it passes by.


  • This is another one that only has one time capsule, but this one is located out in the middle of the Hudson River. The only way to get out there is for the player to hop on the poles sticking out of the water and work their way out to the furthest one away from the shore. The time capsule will be on this pole.

Financial District

  • Players will be able to find two separate time capsules within the Financial District. In the dead center of the district, players will come across a fountain that is being repaired by a construction crew. There is a crane here that players will need to move and lock in place using their webs, which will then allow them to grab the capsule.
  • For the second capsule players will want to travel to the area marked on their map and then search the nearby rooftops. There will be a chimney on one of them that contains the second capsule.

Central Park

  • The final capsule of the game can be found in Central Park. Players will need to go over to the southern side of the art museum that is in the park. If they climb up on the left-hand part of this side there will some wooden structures hanging here. The capsule will be hidden behind one of these structures.

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales can be played on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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