Sealed Pokémon TCG Base Set Box Sells For Record-Setting Price

An auction for a sealed first edition Pokémon TCG booster box has just closed out with a winning bid of $360,000, the highest price in history.

A sealed first edition Pokémon Trading Card Game booster box has sold for a staggering $360,000 at auction, setting a new world record. The previous record was set just a few months ago when an identical box sold for $198,000 during one of Heritage Auctions’ Comics & Comic Art Auctions.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game remains popular decades after its release, and legacy cards are getting more and more valuable all the time. Fans of all ages have been buying, selling, trading, and playing through the years, and that includes the wealthiest people among them. The well-known rapper Logic recently spent $220,000 on a single card: an ultra-rare 1st Edition holographic Charizard. It was by far the highest amount ever spent on that individual card, and showed how expensive Pokémon cards can get these days.

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Heritage Auctions has announced in a press release (via GoNintendo) that a sealed box of first edition Pokémon base set booster packs has set a new world record after selling for $360,000. The buyer was Thomas Fish, president of, who won the bidding war for the box at the latest Comics & Comic Art Auction. The box’s condition was graded at the highest possible level of PSA GEM MT 10, or gem mint. A single deck of cards booster pack ended at $22,800.

Pokemon TCG Sealed First Edition Box Price Record

According to Heritage, this box set is “the pinnacle for all Pokémon collectors,” and its impeccable condition was what drove the aggressive bidding battle over it. Prospective buyers were already surpassing the previous world record with their online bids before the auction even opened. The box is from a very low-print run, and Heritage says the fact that it was actually sealed with no visible damage explained “why the demand for it was so intense.” The Comics & Comic Art Auction is still ongoing, with other mind-boggling sales like $1.5 million for a copy of Detective Comics No. 27 being made.

The dramatic rise in demand for Pokémon cards over the past year of COVID-19 has caused a major market boom, with all kinds of cards growing exponentially in price. Of course, that means fraud has gone way up as well; a popular YouTuber almost paid $375,000 for fake Pokémon cards as part of a scam that was selling a seemingly identical box. One should always make sure to buy their cards from a reliable source, especially when they can cost this much.

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Source: GoNintendo

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