PS5 DualSense Controller Gets Improved PC Support On Steam

Steam has rolled out a new update for PlayStation 5 controller support on PC, including enhanced rumble features and audio-based haptic feedback.

Steam has announced upgrades for its support of the PS5 DualSense controller on its service. The online PC game distribution platform announced support for the next generation of console controllers about a week ago. The integration of PS5 controller support is a pretty impressive feat, considering how many advanced features the new gamepad contains.

And there are quite a few advanced features in the DualSense controller. Sony boasts advanced haptic feedback that will react realistically to the events taking place in the game. There are also adaptive triggers that will modify their tension levels based on certain in-game prompts. Take-Two Interactive is using these advanced triggers to simulate player fatigue in real-time during a match in NBA 2K21. As an athlete gets more worn out, the triggers will offer the player more resistance, simulating the competitor’s struggle. That’s just one of the many things the new gamepad is capable of.

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Understandably, a lot of these advanced features were missing from Steam’s PS5 controller support when it launched. But it appears that Steam is eager to refine its services. A recent client beta update on the Steam Community site outlines a few upgrades for the PS5 controller experience on PC. Steam is implementing a Bluetooth enabled rumble featureo, and reduced the overall levels of rumble for the controller. Furthermore, while rumble is enabled on the PS5 controller, it will also boast audio-based haptic feedback, like it does in official PlayStation titles like The Last Of Us 2.

PS5 Controller DualSense

These are minor quality of life upgrades, but they’re still nice to see. The DualSense controller is a pretty exciting piece of technology, and it’s understandable that players will want to enjoy it to its fullest. Unfortunately some early post-launch bugs have prevented a few PS5 fans from having the best experience possible with the controller, and with the console itself. Many have reported that the PS5 is having significant trouble charging the DualSense controller in Rest Mode; since this is far from the only problem that’s been encountered with the console’s rest mode, many have resorted to simply turning the option off altogether.

With all the glitches impacting the PS5 after launch, it’s good to know that players can still get some use out of the DualSense controller. Steam has been doing some good work with the new hardware, likely influenced by its remarkable progress on the now tragically defunct Steam Controller. Amidst all the uncertainty that comes with a new console generation, including next-gen upgrades, launch bugs, and game delays, it’s good to know that fans can hook their PS5 DualSense up to their PC and enjoy some Steam games with a little bit of next-gen technology in their hands.

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