PlayStation Black Friday Sale Brings PS5’s First Big Game Discounts

PlayStation’s Black Friday Sale is underway as of this weekend, offering up great discounts on PS4 and PS5 games from now until November 30.

PlayStation’s Black Friday event is now fully underway, and while there might not be any discounts on the highly sought-after PS5 console itself, players will be able to save a great deal on a number of its launch titles in addition to services like PlayStation Plus. 2020’s holiday shopping season is playing out a bit differently than years past due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic spiking back up throughout the United States and other parts of the world, leading stores to spread their annual wave of Black Friday discounts throughout November.

So far, companies like Nintendo and Xbox have already announced their Black Friday plans earlier in the month, offering up bundles of their most successful games and hardware at a great value. Additionally, retailers like Gamestop are still offering great discounts for some of the previous generation’s greatest hits, even as the gaming world turns its view toward the newest line of consoles.          

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Yesterday, PlayStation announced Sony’s full line-up of Black Friday deals, offering up discounts of up to 70% off on hit titles for both the outgoing PlayStation 4 and the recently released PS5 from now until November 30. These deals include some of this year’s most talked-about PlayStation exclusives, such as Naughty Dogs’ dark post-apocalyptic adventure The Last Of Us II and Sucker Punch’s ancient Japanese sandbox hit Ghost of Tsushima. Also included in the long list of titles is some newly released PS5 launch games like Madden NFL 21 and FIFA 21. Finally, customers will be able to save 25% on a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership, which includes access to all of the games in the PS5’s PlayStation Plus Collection.

PlayStation Black Friday 2020

The 2020 Holiday shopping season comes at an exciting and transitional time for the video game industry, as both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X made their long-awaited debuts earlier this month. So far, fans have been struggling to get their hands on the new Sony hardware, as online retailers keep selling out their supply of PS5s almost as soon as they can get them in stock – and there is little indication that this is going to slow down anytime soon.                                     

In the meantime, PlayStation’s Black Friday sale is offering up great discounts on a large number of PS4 and PS5 titles. While most of the offerings on this list are for the former, players will certainly be able to get a good start on building that PS5 library as they wait to get their hands on Sony’s newest console this holiday season.                               

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