Lynda Carter Supports Wonder Woman 1984 Streaming Release

The unusual and unprecedented release of Wonder Woman 1984 is garnering support from the former Wonder Woman herself: the great Lynda Carter.

The HBO Max release of Wonder Woman 1984 is garnering support from the former Wonder Woman herself: the great Lynda Carter. While Carter no longer portrays the titular superhero – that responsibility has fallen on Gal Gadot for several years now – her opinion and perspective still matters greatly to those who love the character. Having her stamp of approval on decisions related to the franchise is a beneficial thing for Warner Bros. to have ahead of WW84‘s unique rollout.

WW84 is going to have a release unprecedented in the movie industry, one that came together largely due to factors out of the producers’ control, such as the coronavirus pandemic. On Christmas Day, the film will be released both in theaters and on streaming service HBO Max, where it will be free to subscribers for a month-long period. This is in contrast to Disney’s release of the live-action Mulan, which debuted on Disney+ but required an extra payment, even for subscribers to the streaming service.

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Carter is on board with it all. In the wake of the news about the release of WW84, Carter took to Twitter, not to criticize the untraditional rollout of the film, but to congratulate the cast and crew of the movie on their accomplishments. She did this by retweeting director Patty Jenkins’ announcement of the WW84 release, adding another layer of celebration for the movie’s long-awaited release in the process. See Carter’s tweet below:

While Carter’s involvement in the franchise is currently unofficial, she has been happy in recent years to serve as a cheerleader for the forwarding of the superhero’s prominence. Over the summer, Carter appeared during the FanDome Panel for WW84. Kristen Wiig was overjoyed at the opportunity to meet Carter, who waxed poetic about the new iteration of movies in the franchise, and was practically reduced to tears when connecting the current movies to her daughter. It’s that connection that makes Carter’s voice so relevant to the franchise today.

There’s no guarantee this release strategy will pay the dividends Warner Bros. hopes it will. To the studio, however, it appeared to be a better option than to wait even longer to release WW84, a movie fans have been clamoring to see for weeks, months, even years. All of the necessary parties appear to be on board with the movie’s unprecedented rollout. With Lynda Carter on board with Wonder Woman 1984s release as well, excitement is set to grow over the next month.

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Source: Lynda Carter/Twitter

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  • Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)Release date: Dec 25, 2020

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