Loud PS5 Fan Noise Caused By A Sticker In The Console

Some PlayStation 5 owners have been reporting annoying noises from the console, and one found that his console had a loose label inside causing it.

One PlayStation 5 owner was having trouble with a noisy console, until he opened it up and found that it was caused by a loose sticker in the hardware. A worrying number of early adopters have complained of an annoying noise coming from the PS5, which some think could be a problem with the fan or coil whine, an irritating buzzing noise that’s not uncommon in gaming PCs.

While it’s not a major selling point of the PS5, Sony boasted of the console’s quiet operation before it launched. Especially near the end of the PS4’s lifetime, fan noise became a major issue as the aging console struggled to keep up with more demanding modern games. The PS5 was meant to be much quieter overall, and not just because its up-to-date components wouldn’t have to work so hard to run games. The console was designed to have improved ventilation, meaning the fan wouldn’t have to work so hard in the first place, which is at least partially due to its large size.

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For most players, Sony’s promise of a quieter console turned out to be true, but others weren’t so lucky. Like many other PS5 owners, Frank Keienburg, a developer at Supercell, reported that his console was making a loud noise from the start, which sounded like it could be a broken fan. After investigating the problem further, though, Keienburg found that the problem was a sticker inside the console that had come loose and was causing the buzzing noise. After the label was removed, the noise went away.

It’s important to note that this may not be the cause for all problems of noisy PS5s, and opening up the console to see if it’s the source of the issue isn’t without potential dangers. Not only could players risk damaging the console by opening it up, doing so could also void the warranty. For Keienburg, though, a little DIY console surgery turned what may have seemed like a broken PS5 into a problem with a very simple fix.

This has been a troubled start to a new console generation, and not just because of loose stickers and noisy fans. Even after the hectic pre-order period and launch days, which saw shipping delays, crashed websites, and lots of people left without consoles, the new hardware is showing a lot of early problems. On both the PS5 and Xbox Series X side, major bugs are appearing that have even led to bricked consoles in some rare cases. As is the case with any console launch, early adopters get the advantage of playing new games first, but they pay for it by dealing with problems that will hopefully be cleared up before PlayStation 5 supply finally meets the enormous demand.

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Source: Frank_Supercell/Twitter

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