iPhone 12 mini Lock Screen Touch Issue Fixed With iOS 14.2.1 Update

Unlocking the new iPhone 12 mini and answering calls proved difficult for some, but Apple has since released a software fix for the small iPhone.

Apple issued an update to iOS 14 to resolve some problems with the iPhone 12, the most important being a fix for a problem with touch sensitivity that some were experiencing on the iPhone 12 mini. Considering the popularity of the smaller iPhone 12 model, the fix is likely to be welcomed by many owners and users.

The iPhone 12 mini, with its 5.4-inch screen, is the smallest of Apple’s new smartphones, even though it has almost all the same capabilities as the 6.1-inch iPhone 12. Although the iPhone 12 mini charges slightly slower than its larger sibling when using the wireless MagSafe charger, the A14 processor is just as fast, and the f/1.6 aperture camera is just as good in low light conditions. So far the phone appears to be a popular option and especially for anyone looking for an easier to handle phone.

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The handling was a bit more difficult for some, though, with reports that the touchscreen often ignored touches and swipes when on the lock screen. In the Apple Discussions forums, several threads mention the same problems, including making it difficult to answer calls and access the camera from the lock screen. Even unlocking the tiny iPhone 12 mini proved challenging and often requiring multiple attempts. However, Apple has resolved the issue with the iOS 14.2.1 update, as well as problems where some MMS messages were not received and sound quality issues with ‘Made for iPhone’ hearing devices.

What Was Causing The iPhone 12 mini Touch Issue?

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Some speculated that the iPhone 12 mini lock screen sensitivity issue was due to a screen protector or case. Since the touchscreen did work after repeated tries, it appears the ability to sense the change in capacitance when a finger touches the display was simply reduced. A video posted on YouTube by Adam Horvath, demonstrates the problem and shows that touching the edge of the phone allowed the touchscreen to work.

This seems to match up with the idea that it was some form of electrical issue. While Apple has resolved the problem, the company typically doesn’t delve into what went wrong with products publicly, so the details on this iPhone 12 mini touch issue may never be fully understood. The fact that this was fixed so quickly, and via a software update, indicates this wasn’t a major flaw with the design, but perhaps an issue of adjusting tolerances slightly to account for variations in case and screen protectors. Regardless of why or what was causing the issue, the iPhone 12 mini is no longer untouchable.

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