Fans Love Kenny Braasch With Nephew

The Bachelorette contestant Kenny Braasch shows off his adorable nephew and godson Colt on Instagram, making fans swoon over the cuteness.

The Bachelorette’s Kenny Braasch is known for being a boy band manager, a model, and the guy who stepped out of the night-one limousine wearing a shirt with Clare Crawley’s two dogs on it. Many fans most likely remember the first lead rubbing Kenny’s abs underneath his shirt, claiming she was petting her dogs. Many may not know that Kenny is an uncle and godfather to his baby nephew Colt.

After seeing the model nearly naked on the controversial strip dodgeball date, fans flocked to Kenny’s Instagram page, landing him more than 48,000 followers at the time of publishing. Kenny’s Instagram is full of show images and corny jokes about the show including a memed image of his shocked expression during the Ed Waisbrot and Chasen Nick fight, as well as memes about the dog shirt. And of course, the feed is full of model pictures because the 39-year-old is signed with Good Talent Management. Kenny also posts pictures of the bands he manages and of his workouts, even the ones that include dogs and cats.

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But the Instagram photos that have caught many fans’ eyes are the ones that include his nephew Colt. The two are too adorable to look away. Under one of the images, Kenny joked Colt was “single” and “likes to party.” Colt is tagged as @coltthebaby. On his page, there are tons of photos with his godfather. One cute side-by-side showcases a naked Colt and a naked Kenny, simply asking “Who wore it better?” Other pics show Colt and Kenny watching The Bachelorette together. Another image all Kenny fans should check out: Kenny holds Colt up just like Simba is held up in Disney’s The Lion King.

Colt’s Instagram page is full of jokes. His bio states he was just born and is already “sick of your $hit.” It also claims he’s a single account executive from Chicago. Colt’s parents keep the page full of funny images of their child with photoshopped images of beer cans and hard seltzers. Colt’s just as funny as his Uncle Kenny!

Since his first night at the resort, Kenny hasn’t received much screen time. The boy band manager has mainly stayed out of the drama—from Yosef Aborady to Dale Moss to Chasen Nick and Ed Waisbort. He also hasn’t gotten a one-on-one date with either of the show’s leads. However, he’s still a contender for Tayshia Adams’ heart. If Kenny introduced Tayshia to Colt, there’s a definite possibility he could receive a rose.

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