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Ever since The Office began its historic nine-year run back in 2005, fans have spent countless hours watching the daily goings-on of the Dunder Mifflin employees residing in Scranton, Pennsylvania and loving every single second of it.

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Despite having been off the air since 2013, the series still sits firmly atop the list of best comedies (and shows) ever created as audiences continue to enjoy the sitcom day-after-day, with the season premieres producing some of the most popular and hysterical episodes.

9 Pilot, Season 1 (7.5)

It was just another day at the office – literally. The entire series opens by introducing the audience to the employees of Dunder Mifflin, a mid-sized regional paper distribution company set in Scranton, Pennsylvania. While the employees’ interactions and jokes are comedic and entertaining, there’s nothing particularly special about any of the characters – they’re all just at work doing their jobs.

The company gets informed that their branch might shut down, but in a complete twist (and much more realistic to what would happen in real life) the answer doesn’t come by the end of the workday (episode), and the employees all head home for the night (completely opposite of what a standard sitcom would do). Lo and behold, the simple humor and premise stuck and audiences never stopped tuning in.

8 New Guys, Season 9 (7.6)

After nearly a decade of episodes, the final season premiere made quite a few changes to the Sabre office. Kelly and Ryan decided to leave which prompted two new hires for the office in Clark and Pete who were both deemed “Dwight Jr” and “The New Jim.”

Meanwhile, Andy returns from management training and takes over his role as manager of the entire office, while Jim makes plans to start a sports agency with his old friend from high school. Pam doesn’t think the idea is good for their family so Jim decides not to take it… until the very last second when he calls his buddy up and says that he wants in.

7 The List, Season 8 (8.1)

This episode may have been hilarious, but it certainly started off with a heck of a curveball. Without Michael around to head Sabre, the show had to find a new regional manager and they chose their man in Robert California.

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However, Robert manages to somehow make himself CEO of the entire company on his first day… while leaving behind a list with everybody’s name on it, split right down the middle. After the whole office goes crazy trying to decipher the list, Robert divulges that one side is “winners” and the other side are “losers,” making a speech that the winners should prove him right and the losers should prove him wrong.

6 Nepotism, Season 7 (8.4)

This episode might have only gotten a rating of 8.4 by IMDb, but it’s well known for having a cold-opening that scored a perfect 10 (the Lip Dub). With the new season came a new assistant for the office, Luke, who was clearly a horrible choice for the job.

Aside from being lazy and obnoxious, the young worker ends up making the company lose clients… yet Michael still defends keeping Luke as an employee when he reveals that Luke is actually his nephew. Michael immediately gets reprimanded by the entire office but winds up fixing the problem when he spanks Luke in front of everyone, causing the embarrassed intern to quit.

5 The Dundies, Season 2 (8.7)

After a freshman season that consisted of only 6 episodes, it was the season 2 premiere that really helped get The Office on the map. During the episode, it’s revealed that the employees of Dunder Mifflin are going to be having their annual office awards – the Dundies!

For nearly the entire episode, the employees and the audience are forced to sit through Michael’s awkward and embarrassing act as he presents awards to each of his workers, none of them enjoying the event except for Michael. However, the episode does have a high-note when Pam drunkenly receives her Dundie and decides to celebrate by kissing Jim for the very first time.

4 Fun Run, Season 4 (8.8)

Only together can we cure rabies.. a disease that’s already been cured. The season 4 premiere got right to the action as the episode opens with Michael accidentally running over Meredith in the parking lot. While at the hospital being treated for her injuries, it’s revealed from her tests that Meredith has rabies… which Michael uses as an initiative to start a “Fun-Run” with all of the proceeds going toward curing the disease (which, again, has already been cured).

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The entire office spends the episode partaking in Michael’s Fun-Run and ends with Michael being admitted to the hospital for dehydration. Important side-note: Jim and Pam officially start dating in this episode.

3 Weight Loss, Season 5 (8.8)

Everyone is perfect exactly the way they are, but everyone would also be pretty happy to shred a pound here or there. That’s how Dunder Mifflin felt when they encouraged all of their employees across the entire Northeast to participate in a weight-loss challenge to see which branch could lose the most cumulative weight among its employees (with extra vacation time as a grand-prize).

The Scranton branch starts off strong and seems as though they’ll win the contest with no problems… however, one-by-one the dominoes begin to fall as employee after employee fails to maintain their diet, resulting in Scranton losing the contest by just a few pounds.

2 Gossip, Season 6 (8.8)

Gossiping is an ugly and disgusting trait and Michael learned the consequences of it first-hand during the season 6 premiere when he finds out from the new office interns that they spotted Stanley out at a club with a woman that was not his wife. Loving that he’s in on the gossip, Michael spills the beans to everybody that Stanley is having an affair.

Unfortunately, after Michael confronts Stanley about the situation and finds out that he really is having an affair, Michael begins to spread rumors about every single person in the office in order to deter people from realizing that the “rumor” about Stanley’s affair was actually true. Sadly, Stanley’s wife finds out about the affair from Michael as well… causing Stanley to take a baseball bat to Michael’s car.

1 Gay Witch Hunt, Season 3 (9.0)

Talk about an episode that would not fly today. With Jim leaving the office and transferring to the Stamford branch in Connecticut, the series decided to try and steer audiences away from focusing on the Jim-Pam-Roy triangle (despite Pam and Roy breaking up and calling off the wedding). By doing so, they chose to out Oscar as being gay when he takes offense to Michael calling him a homophobic slur, to which Michael immediately tries to walk back his statements and claim that he is the least anti-gay human being on the planet.

However, he only makes matters worse when he calls an emergency meeting where Dwight tries to decipher if there are any other hidden homosexuals in the office. The cherry on top of the inappropriate and out-of-date sundae is when Michael decides to sexually harass Oscar by forcing a kiss upon him in front of everybody… which results in Oscar getting compensated with three months of paid vacation.

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