Did Dale Moss Cheat On New Fiancée Clare Crawley?

Various anonymous sources claim Dale Moss hasn’t been faithful to his new fiancée Clare Crawley after the pair got engaged and left The Bachelorette.

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ too-good-to-be-true romance was unprecedented in the history of The Bachelorette. But new reports of Moss’ night out with model pals have led fans to believe that he may have been unfaithful to his new fiancée.

Crawley and Moss met on the set of The Bachelorette, where they fell in love and got engaged after only knowing each other for two weeks. While some fans are glad Crawley finally got her happy ending after appearing on The Bachelor, The Bachelor: Winter Games, and two seasons of Bachelor In Paradise, others are questioning the relationship between Moss and Crawley. Some say that their relationship is already over, and recent allegations from anonymous sources have sparked rumors that Moss has been cheating on his fiancée with multiple women.

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While Crawley remains in California with her ailing mother, Moss has been spending time in New York City. Earlier this week, he was spotted dining with fellow models Rachel Hilbert and Brooks Nader. In addition to catching up with friends, various anonymous sources claim Moss has allegedly been going on dates with other women. According to a screenshot of a text conversation between a fan and Clare Crawley that was posted on The Bachelorette subreddit, the fan witnessed Moss and a mystery woman sharing a quick peck on the lips while dining at the New York restaurant, Cipriani. “It was a peck… He was very very drunk and touchy at dinner,” the fan claims in their DM to Crawley. However, these claims have not been corroborated and do not definitively point to cheating on Moss’ part.

Since their engagement was televised, the couple has been busy traveling to visit Moss’ family in South Dakota and searching for a home in Crawley’s hometown of Sacramento, California. However, Moss has also reportedly been viewing real estate in New York City, leading some fans to question where the couple’s home base will be or how soon the pair plan to get married and start a family.

In their post-engagement appearance on The Bachelorette, Crawley and Moss gushed about their romance and their plans to have babies in the near future. Since Crawley cut her tenure as the Bachelorette short to pursue a relationship with Moss, she has been replaced on the show by new lead Tayshia Adams.

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