Captain America’s Girlfriend Just Saved The Juggernaut

While Juggernaut’s strength is boundless, the collateral damage it causes is a legal headache, which is why he needs Captain America’s ex-girlfriend.

Spoiler Warning for Juggernaut #3

With Juggernaut‘s strength and endurance, not even concrete and metal can stop the relentless anti-hero. This has led him to be right up there with the Hulk in terms of his destructive capability. While Juggernaut might not have cared about the collateral damage he caused when he was a straight-up villain, being a hero means facing consequences for your actions… even if those consequences involve a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Luckily, in Juggernaut #3, Juggernaut hires one of the Marvel Universe’s best lawyers in Captain America’s ex-girlfriend, Bernie Rosenthal.

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Juggernaut’s legal thriller comes courtesy of writer Fabien Nicieza and artist Ron Garney. The issue sees Juggernaut in court after being sued by a construction company for 25 million dollars. The damage came about after a battle ended in Spider-Man trapped Juggernaut in concrete. Despite the strong evidence against Juggernaut though, Bernie is a top tier lawyer and points out that much of the damage to the construction company was caused Spider-Man. Before the trial can continue though, the ground rumbles and sand pours into the courtroom. The villain Quicksand forms and demands to know where Juggernaut’s sidekick, D-Cell is.

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Juggernaut wastes no time summoning his armor and rushing to defeat the villain. Unfortunately, there’s little someone with super strength can do to beat someone who’s made of sand. It is fortunate then that D-Cell is no slouch. Juggernaut’s sidekick, D-Cell, alters momentum, so the two hatch a plan. Juggernaut uses his strength to decapitate Quicksand and then D-Cell stops the head from reforming its body, subduing the villain. As they are still technically in court, Bernie doesn’t miss a beat and says that the debris caused by Juggernaut’s heroics should more than make up for any damages his fight with Spider-Man incurred. With a handshake, the deal is sealed.

Juggernaut Sidekick D-Cell Featured

While Bernie Rosenthal is most well known for her time as Captain America’s girlfriend, the character has made a number of appearances in the Marvel universe. She was present during Captain America’s crossover issue with Squadron Supreme and even worked as Bucky’s lawyer when he was charged for the all things he did as the Winter Soldier for Hydra.

It is always satisfying to see supporting characters for one hero show up in another character’s book, especially when it makes as much sense as it does here. Superheroes would need lawyers for all the collateral damage they cause, and though Daredevil and She-Hulk are usually the ones representing Marvel’s biggest heroes, they’re only two people in a world with thousands of heroes. Juggernaut’s fling with She-Hulk would also prove to be a conflict of interest.

Juggernaut’s new solo series has been all about him trying to start over and become a better man. Juggernaut sacrificed his old armor and now he is making a genuine effort to be a hero. Though that might mean facing consequences, Juggernaut #3 shows he doesn’t have to face those consequences alone.

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