Borderlands 3 Changes DualSense Colors Based On Your Weapon

Borderlands 3 will change the color of the LED lights on the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller to match the element of the weapon being held.

It’s been revealed that Borderlands 3 uses the PS5 DualSense controller’s built-in lights to indicate the damage type of whatever gun the player is using. These colored LED lights are just one of the many fascinating innovations present in the new controller. While players are generally more excited by the gamepad’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, these lights have already been used for some remarkable functions, such as tracking player health in Resident Evil 3.

Borderlands 3 has been taking much more of a live service approach than its predecessors. The game has already seen an impressive array of DLC, and it’s still going strong with more updates and expansions, including more skill trees for every playable character to unlock and progress through. With the recent release of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, Borderlands 3 has also crossed the generational gap, offering fans a free next-gen upgrade so that they can enjoy all the benefits of the new console generation as they loot and shoot their way through Gearbox’s violent galaxy. The next-gen version of the game includes several considerable upgrades, including four-player splitscreen co-op.

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But amidst all the major DLCs and upgrades, Gearbox has made time for the little things, too. Live Content Producer Mario Rodriguez revealed some details on Twitter regarding how the next-gen version of Borderlands 3 utilizes the PS5’s DualSense controller. He demonstrated how the controller’s adaptive triggers will influence how the guns feel, similar to how it operates in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. He also showed off an endearing little detail; the LED lights on the controller change with each weapon. In the video Rodriguez shared, the controller glowed orange for a fire-based weapon, green for a corrosion-based gun, and blue for an electric firearm.

Gearbox is certainly not the only one finding creative things to do with the PS5 DualSense controller. NBA 2K21, for instance, uses the controller’s adaptive triggers to simulate player fatigue on the court. Amidst all the other impressive next-gen upgrades that have been introduced to the video game industry thanks to the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, it’s exciting to see developers embrace the controller and figure out what entertaining and exciting things they can do with it.

The best thing a new video game console can do is invite innovation, and the PS5 has certainly been doing that. Fans are speculating on how its various technological capabilities can be used to innovate and change the industry. Horror fans in particular are excited about the console’s immersive 3D audio system. Amidst all the big, sweeping leaps forward, the eradication of loading screens and the celebration of ray-tracing, it’s nice to see developers like Gearbox using the hardware for cute little features like this. It makes Borderlands 3 just that much better.

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Source: Mario Rodriguez

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