Ben Smith Lifts Major Weight in IG Workout Videos

Ben Smith from The Bachelorette has been lift some major weights in his workout videos on Instagram. Checkout some of the insane videos he has posted.

Ben Smith from The Bachelorette is ready getting major buzz around him for being one of Tayshia’s front runners.

When fans first saw Ben on the reality series when Clare was still the lead, he was someone who few under the radar. Once Tayshia arrived Ben began to get more screen time and fans started to know him a bit more. And what do people do when they want to known more about someone? They try to find them on social media.

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Ben recently posted to his Instagram page a video of himself lifting a very heavy weight several time off the ground throughout the video. While doing this once may be impressive, Ben has actually posted several videos similar to this. Two days before posting the his latest lifting video, the 29-year-old shared a video of himself lift a similar weight off of a weight support contraption. This time instead of lift the weight straight of the ground, Ben lifted it off the weight support and held the weight up against his chest while he did several squats. On November 9th, the reality star shared another workout video similar to the one mentioned prior. Ben is seen lifting another heavy weight off of a weight support contraption, but this time he goes under the weight placing it on the back of his shoulders, proceeding to squat several times. In all of these videos, Ben is tagging a gym that goes by the name Bodybuilding Club. It is liking that Ben works here as his ABC bio says he is currently a personal trainer.

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According to his bio, Ben is a “sweet Midwestern boy with California dreamboat good looks.” He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and The United States Army Ranger School, but had to leave after suffering from a back injury that led to his decision to leave the military. Once he returned, Ben realized he had an affinity for health and nutrition and wanted to start a career related to his passion. He decided moved to Venice Beach, California from the midwest to begin his journey into health and nutrition and decided to become a personal trainer. Ben has been loving life so now he just needs someone to share it with. Ben joined The Bachelorette to find the right woman he could settle down and enjoy life with.

Check out Ben on The Bachelorette every week to see how his and Tayshia’s relationship progresses through the weeks.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8pm EST on ABC.

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Sources: Instagram: @benveesmithABC

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