Warzone Infinite Stim Glitch Returns One Month After Being Fixed

Players are frustrated with a game-breaking glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone that’s made its return after a month, giving players infinite items.

Call of Duty: Warzone is not particularly known for being completely glitch-free, and a glitch that was ruining games by giving players infinite health stims has found its way back in after being removed. It is uncertain how this glitch keeps coming back, but it was last seen about a month ago and has made its return.

As a battle royale, Warzone uses the common genre mechanic of a shrinking safe zone that moves throughout matches, forcing players into ever-tighter quarters. Call of Duty: Warzone uses this border mechanic to get players to fight, where anyone outside the border progressively takes damage. Now, players have once again found a way to break the entire format of the game. However, the game-breaking issue is not a blatantly overpowered shotgun or killstreak.

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MarleyThirteen reported the glitch on Reddit that allows people to have an infinite number of stims. These stims are typically only limited to a maximum of two, and their main use is during combat to quickly heal and restore stamina to continue running. However, players managed to recreate a bug that allows them to stand outside the border while everyone fights to the death. The border’s damage is not high enough to out damage the player’s healing, allowing them to essentially stand outside the border indefinitely. This ruins the game for everyone, with one squad standing outside the border constantly healing, and one squad constantly running around with the border until one squad gives up.

The glitch was reported over a month ago, and players thought the glitch was gone for good. However, it appears Infinity Ward is uncertain how to fix the bug due to complaints about its constant reappearance. There are temporary solutions like increasing gas damage over time or instantly killing players who stand in it for too long, but infinite stims could be problematic even outside of the border. This glitch supposedly works for other things beyond the stim, like flash and stun grenades as well. There isn’t much a player can do when they are stunned and blinded indefinitely.

There is a huge difference between a player using new killstreaks or powerful weapons compared to a glitch like this. Infinity Ward not only needs to prioritize fixing this game-breaking bug but banning the players who abuse it is as well. This could be pretty easy to automatically detect, like tracking how many stims or stun grenades a player uses in one match. Players are reasonably frustrated at the lack of response Infinity Ward is giving in keeping these players banned, as well as trying to keep the bug permanently out of Call of Duty: Warzone.

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Source: MarleyThirteen

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