The 5 Best Episodes Of All The Seasons (& 5 Worst), Ranked According to IMDb

Love Island is a hit with audiences, but while the reality show had some great episodes, others fell a bit flat.

Love Island is one of the few reality TV shows that essentially the whole UK got addicted to. People of all age groups and social classes have been passionately following the drama in Casa Amor since 2015 when the first season aired. The show has since become a franchise with slight differences from the UK version: Love Island USA and Australia have so far released 2 seasons each.

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When it comes to finding real love, the show seems to be more successful than The Bachelor. The show has so far given us some really great couples. Some even have a family of their own by now.

10 Worst:  Season 6, Episode 14 (4.8)

love island series 6 episode 14

The 14th episode of season 6 of Love Island is actually one of the unseen bits episodes. While some fans like these more because they are more relaxed and funny, others just want the drama. There are hours of footage to go through to make for a truly entertaining “unseen bits” episode. Unfortunately, this one was one of the worst in the history of this popular reality show.

We found out why 11 is “the freshest number” and saw the girls rule out Nas over and over again, even though he was the fan-favorite in the villa. They all had a problem with his height, even though he was genuinely kind, considerate, and handsome.

9 Best: Season 6, Episode 4 (6.7)

love island Season 6, Episode 4

Season 6 seems to be the most divisive season of Love Island so far since it has a fair share of both some highest rated and lowest rated episodes. 4th episode was quite a ride since the cast was still getting to know each other and there were some love triangles forming.

The episode got high ratings because it mostly comprises of the good-looking cast sitting around the pool, getting real with each other, talking about emotions and touchy topics. Fans swooned over new-forming couples, such as Sophie and Connor and Leanna and Mike.

8 Worst: Season 6, Episode 16 (4.8)

Season 6, Episode 16 love island

Fans were disappointed with Sophie in this episode: Connor left the villa, but it was his mate Callum who seemed to be the most upset about it. Fans agreed that she should have left right there and then if she really liked him.

The couples from season 6 were unfortunately not as compatible as the famous season 2 couples. Meanwhile, Nas finally got a text from someone in the house, so he secured his position on the show for a little while longer.

7 Best: Season 1, Episode 13 (6.8)

Season 1 of Love Island came out in 2015. Episode 13 was a success since it got a rating of 6.8. Fans loved to hate Bethany, a girl with an attitude with contradicting opinions. She was especially mean to Jess – probably because she saw her as her biggest competition.

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While the guys all got along just fine, the girls couldn’t stay out of each other’s hair. They were throwing shade left and right when one of them hooked up with more than one guy, even though that is literally the premise of the show.

6 Worst: Season 6, Episode 17 (4.8)

Season 6, Episode 17 love island

We are back at season 6 for yet another badly rated episode. At the beginning of the episode, we got to know Demi, a kind-hearted and grounded girl that fans instantly liked. Nas and Demi hit it off instantly.

Even though we get used to newcomers really fast, we are typically not too excited about the idea at first. It could be that the episode got a low rating because there was too much focus on Demi rather than on all the drama that had been brewing for days prior to her arrival.

5 Best: Season 5, Episode 26 (6.8)

love island Season 5, Episode 26

In this dramatic season 5 episode, the girls were reunited with the guys after being separated. Curtis shocked everybody when he kissed Jourdan rather than Amy, the girl he coupled up with. Jourdan was not impressed at all and friend-zoned him. Amy was also torn: she confessed that she is in love with Curtis. Michael decided to re-couple with Joanna, which left Amber single.

In this episode, the Islanders all pulled some unpredictable moves and thus secured the rating of the episode as one of the greatest on Love Island.

4 Worst: Season 6, Episode 20 (4.8)

Season 6, Episode 20 love island

Rebecca was continuously getting on all of our nerves in season 6 and her bad behavior is the most glaring thing in the 20th episode of season 6. We learned that she didn’t like avocado toasts in this episode: she made that very clear.

Otherwise, it was a fun episode. The Islanders had a Octobersesh, an Octoberfest-themed party. In one of the challenges, the girls had to throw pretzels on poles that the guys carried around their waist. Perhaps all the wasted food ticked some people off and made them give the episode a really low rating of 4.8.

3 Best: Season 6, Episode 8 (7.0)

love island Season 6, Episode 8

A dramatic recoupling in episode 8 got a 7.0 rating. The couples all spent a night together, coupled up in beds. Only those who know all about what goes on behind the scenes are well aware that they sleep together since day 1 to amp up the intimacy. Islanders had a challenge where they had to answer questions about each other’s partner.

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It was hilarious to see just how little they know about their lives outside the villa: birthdays, favorite cocktails, best friends, and special talents.  Nas was continuously dissed for being short (yet again) and it was pretty obvious that all the jokes were starting to get to him.

2 Worst: Season 4, Episode 3 (4.8)

love island Season 4, Episode 3

The worst episode ever in the history of Love Island is season 4, episode 3. Two new girls entered the villa, which made the rest of the ladies feeling insecure. It was particularly Kendall who was overthinking her “relationship” with Adam.

The guys and the girls were hanging out separately for the second half of the episode, which made it pretty boring to watch. We much prefer it when they mingle: gossip is only fun to watch for a little while.

1 Best: Season 1, The Final (7.2)

love island season 1 cast photo

Season 1 finale is the highest-rated episode on Love Island. Jess and Max won the season after winning 42% of all votes. Hannah and Jon came in second with 36%. Even though lots of people didn’t like Jess at first, she has shown she has lots of redeemable qualities, her honesty being one of them.

Season 1 remains one of the most beloved seasons. After all, it was much less polished and the cast didn’t seem to care what the public has to say about them.

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