Tayshia Adams Says A Lakers Player Slid Into Her DMs

Tayshia Adams is currently dating several great guys on TV, but she recently said she got a DM from a Lakers player! Who’s the better choice?

Tayshia Adams from The Bachelorette is currently dating several great guys on TV. But she recently said she got a DM from a Los Angeles Lakers player! Who’s the better choice?

This season of The Bachelorette has already been plenty dramatic. With Clare Crawley quickly choosing Dale Moss and leaving the show, it’s been an unprecedented season. Tayshia’s takeover has been well-received by both fans and the men on the show, but Tayshia coming in didn’t put a stop to the drama. The guys have been ruthlessly fighting amongst themselves, not wanting to lose another Bachelorette. Not to mention, the behind-the-scenes drama level has been high as well. Clare and Dale’s controversial decision to leave the show has stirred up plenty of backlash online. They’ve been accused of speaking to one another before the season began. If that weren’t bad enough, Dale has now been accused of cheating on Clare. Spoilers for Tayshia’s season have been circulating as well, with rumors swirling that she’s currently single.

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It looks like someone was paying attention to those rumors. Tayshia recently went on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, as reported by Lakers Daily. During her interview, she spilled that a Los Angeles Laker’s played slid into her DMs. “I wish it was LeBron James,” she said, “Believe me, no one exciting. I wish it was someone really good too, but no, nobody exciting.” Tayshia refused to name the player, but confirmed he was on the Lakers.

As to who Tayshia is with now, rumors are all we have to go on. Reality Steve, the connoisseur of Bachelor spoilers, has released the name of the man Tayshia chooses, but he has been wrong in the past. He also released her final four guys and claimed one chooses to leave of his own accord. If you prefer to watch the show the old-fashioned, spoiler-free way, stick with her journey and see if you can guess who she picks. Her current frontrunners seem to be Brendan Morais, Zac Clark, and Spencer Robertson, who got her first impression rose. Brendan and Zac were originally chosen to compete for Clare, but Spencer arrived late on the scene for Tayshia. The fans already have their favorites, so we’ll have to see who wins Tayshia’s heart, on or off screen.

Fans want to see Tayshia fall in love on the show, but let’s be honest – she could do worse than an NBA player. If things don’t work out for her this season, it sounds like she’ll have plenty of dating options to fall back on.

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The Bachelorette airs on Tuesday nights at 8 pm ET on ABC.

Source: Lakers Daily 

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