Star Wars: 10 Best Bo-Katan Kryze Moments

Bo-Katan Kryze is first introduced on The Clone Wars as a member of Death Watch, a Mandalorian terrorist organization. Their goal is to take back Mandalore and restore the planet and its people to the old warrior ways, using violence to do so.

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Throughout her character’s journey, Bo-Katan goes from a violent young woman to the rightful ruler of Mandalore, trying to take her planet back from those who wish to exploit it. Her arc has been picked up in the current season of The Mandalorian, and it will be interesting to see how much her journey intersects with Din Djarin and the child.

10 Bo-Katan Frees Satine

Bo-Katan and the Death Watch hatch a plan to take back Mandalore with the help of Maul and his brother Savage. They turn on the brothers after their plan is successful, taking them prisoner and severing their ties. Maul manages to escape his imprisonment with the help of a corrupt politician. He’s aware of a rule that the Death Watch abide by: anyone who beats their leader in a duel will replace them as head of Death Watch. Since the leader of the Death Watch is currently the ruler of Mandalore, Maul knows that carrying out this part of his plan successfully will give him what he needs to take over.

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He challenges Vizla to a duel and kills him, ensuring that all of the members of Death Watch will now have to be loyal to him. Bo-Katan refuses to adhere to the results of the duel, stating that she will never accept Maul as her leader. She breaks away and begins to carry out her plan to unseat Maul, beginning with freeing her sister, Duchess Satine, with whom she’s had many disagreements but now shares a common goal.

9 She Resists Maul’s Rule

After Maul takes over Death Watch—and, by extension, Mandalore—Bo does all she can to resist him as a leader. She flees immediately, defending herself from her former allies and hiding when she can’t fight back. Even after her plan to free her sister and reinstate her rule fails, she continues to fight.

She helps Obi-Wan Kenobi escape his imprisonment by Maul, after which she helps him get off of the planet to safety. She doesn’t let her sister’s death slow her down or break her, but instead remains more determined than ever to right the wrongs she helped set in motion that led indirectly to her sister’s end.

8 Bo-Katan Teams Up With Ahsoka

Bo-Katan doesn’t give up on taking her planet back. She eventually locates Ahsoka Tano, a former Jedi who is aware of the danger Maul poses. She picks the right moment to reveal herself to Ahsoka, informing her of Maul’s whereabouts and asking for her help. Ahsoka agrees to help Bo-Katan, finding that she shares a common purpose with the Mandalorian.

7 She Asks The Republic For Help

Once Bo and Ahsoka have allied themselves together, Ahsoka suggests that they go to the Republic and the Jedi for the numbers they’ll need to take Mandalore back from Maul. This goes against Bo’s better judgment, as the Mandalorians and the Jedi have a longstanding history of not getting along.

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Pacifist Mandalorians often resent the Jedi’s interference with their affairs, and those who observe warrior traditions view the Jedi as one of their greatest threats. Despite these reservations, she goes along with Ahsoka’s idea to go to her former family for help.

6 The Siege Of Mandalore

Bo is on the frontlines throughout the siege of Mandalore, fighting with and against her people to take the planet back from Maul’s vicious rule. When she isn’t fighting, she helps Ahsoka locate and subdue Maul.

She’s fearless and determined in the dogged pursuit of her longtime goal. Without her leadership and focus, the siege never could have been carried out with the success it had.

5 Bo-Katan Takes Responsibility For Mandalore

During the chaos of the aftermath of the siege, Ahsoka and the clone troopers must return to Coruscant to deliver Maul. Bo-Katan had the option of accompanying them, but she stayed to sort out the mess left over from all of the fighting, some of which was still going on as the last of Maul’s allies that remained either scattered or continued to fight back.

She knows that it’s her duty to oversee the future of the people of Mandalore, and she is willing to step into her sister’s shoes to do so despite disagreeing with her pacifist leanings.

4 She’s Worthy Of The Darksaber

Sabine hopes to free Mandalore from Imperial rule. She joins forces with Bo, who wants the same thing: freedom for their people. Bo suffers from guilt and a blow to her confidence since she lost her place as Regent of Mandalore when the Empire took over the galaxy.

She carries out a successful operation with Sabine, who insists that she keep the Darksaber, as she is the rightful ruler of Mandalore. The Darksaber is a Mandalorian weapon capable of fighting off an attack from a Jedi and her lightsaber.

3 She Saves Din Djarin

Season two of The Mandalorian has so far followed Din and the child as they look for more of their respective kind: Mandalorians and Jedi. While searching for other Mandalorians, Din and the child fall into a trap set by merchants who want Din’s armor.

Bo and her crew arrive just in time to take out the merchants and rescue them both. She saves Din and introduces herself. To Din’s disappointment and confusion, these Mandalorians aren’t what he had been expecting. Bo tells him things about himself he hadn’t known that will make him question what “the way” really is.

2 Bo-Katan Doesn’t Give Up On Her Mission

When Bo-Katan tells Din of her plan to reclaim and rule Mandalore, he points out that few have been able to rule the planet with any lasting success. She isn’t deterred by this, being well aware of the planet’s history more so than Din. She’s aware of the risks and has experienced many setbacks in her quest to free Mandalore.

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She agrees to help Din in his own quest, but only after he gives her the extra hand she needs in the next step of hers. She leaves Din at the end of “The Heiress,” each convinced as ever to continue on their own quests.

1 She Takes On The Empire

Din tells Bo of his mission regarding the child. She agrees to give him the information he’ll need to find other force users on the condition that he helps her with the next step in her plan. She hopes to stop an Imperial shipment of weapons from leaving the planet and falling into more of the wrong hands, fortifying the Empire and making her long-term goal all the more out of reach. She successfully takes over the ship in her quest to retrieve the Darksaber and Mandalore.

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