Pokémon GO Extends COVID-19 Bonuses Through June 2021

Pokémon GO announces it will reimplement some of its COVID-19 bonuses until at least June 2021 due to increasing stay-at-home mandates.

Due to the recent increase in restrictions worldwide to help protect against COVID-19, Pokémon GO has announced it will be reimplementing its temporary bonuses for an extended period of time. These stay-at-home bonuses were first introduced earlier this year to encourage players to continue to use Pokémon GO from the safety of their homes.

However, Pokémon GO removed some of these pandemic bonuses on October 1st and claimed the reason why was to encourage players to go outside and exercise. While the goal of removing these restrictions was to help improve players’ mental and physical health, many people in the Pokémon GO community were upset seeing as they were still under heavy pandemic-related restrictions. The most effective bonuses were removed while a few less impactful bonuses remained including the maximum number of gifts players can carry, XP and stardust bonus for the first catch of the day, and incenses lasting 60 minutes instead of 30.

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Over a month and a half has passed since the bonuses were removed, yet the COVID-19 restrictions have increased for various countries around the world. In response to these difficult circumstances, Pokémon GO has announced that it will reimplement some of its stay-at-home bonuses until June 2021. Other bonuses that were removed will return during select events to ensure everyone can participate safely. Niantic stated that, while these bonuses are temporary, it will give at least one month’s notice before removing any more bonuses.

The bonuses that will be available to players until June affect incenses and Buddy Pokémon. Incenses will have increased effectiveness attracting Pokémon more often even while staying at home. Buddy Pokémon will bring trainers gifts more frequently each day. They will bring players up to five gifts at once a total of three times per day. Bonuses returning only during events include reduced egg hatch distances, trade distance increases, shop bundles costing 1 Pokécoin, and other unspecified bonuses.

While Pokémon GO has seen some heat recently for its rather greedy Pokémon HOME transfer restrictions, this is a big win for players. For the past several months, the world has been under an unprecedented amount of stress due to COVID-19. Many people have used Pokémon GO as a distraction, and Niantic has made it easier for players to do so by granting these stay-at-home bonuses. While parts of the world are seeing an increase in restrictions, it’s nice to know Pokémon GO is making it possible to enjoy the game from the safety of our homes.

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