Phasmophobia Dev Shares First Prison Map Preview Screenshots

Kinetic Games shows off a handful of pictures previewing Phasmophobia’s anticipated prison map after the developer teased the level last week.

Kinetic Games, the studio behind the ghost-hunting hit Phasmophobia run by one developer, recently gave fans a quick preview of the game’s upcoming prison level, which Kinetic Games teased only last week. In Phasmophobia, players take on the role of a paranormal investigator who, along with a few teammates, is tasked with uncovering evidence of hauntings in various locations. By successfully sussing out spooky details at each scene, the team collects a higher monetary award which allows for better gear for the next assignment. The spooky indie game launched in September this year and quickly gained in popularity as Twitch streamers jumped into the Early Access game to get into the Halloween spirit.

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Phasmophobia is only in Early Access, but already has a sizable following. Even the game’s sole developer – known as Dknighter – was taken aback by the game’s unexpected onslaught of popularity, recently stating that the original Early Access plans for Phasmophobia had to be rethought. The developer only intended the game to remain in Early Access for a short time before its release. Now that the game has a sizable base, Dknighter has pivoted to a longer development in order to meet standards that would satisfy its growing fandom. The developer is using this extra time to include all kinds of new content. One recent update allowed ghost hunters who had perished while trying to complete the objective to essentially become poltergeists.

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Earlier this week, Kinetic Games tweeted out a handful of photos showcasing Phasmophobia’s anticipated prison map. The pictures are extremely dark, both in tone and coloring, but they do give a sense of what players can expect. One shows a large cafeteria space with scattered tables and elevated platforms. Another features a heavily fenced outdoor area with a looming observation tower in the back. The last depicts a visitation room with rows of glass windows and chairs. The locations within this map seem to be extremely varied, from large spaces with little cover to narrow rooms with only one entrance, and all of them will probably present a creepy challenge to the players. The tweet notes that the stage is currently being worked on and reminds fans that the final result may look a little different than the pictures.

Phasmophobia is undergoing a lot of change adding levels and features right now, but there seem to be some things the developer will not touch in the game. While Kinetic Games played around with a competitive mode for the game that would pit players against one another, the developer has now stated that this kind of PvP mode would radically transform the cooperative game in an undesirable way.

There is a lot on the horizon for Phasmophobia which is surely keeping its developer wildly busy and this new level looks like it will be a great, creepy addition to the game. Hopefully, fans can get ahold of the new content soon without Dknighter getting worked to death.

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Source: Kinetic Games/Twitter

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