Insane Silverado-Based ‘Monstermax’ Pickup Goes Swimming In The Gulf Of Mexico

YouTuber WhistlinDiesel has done some pretty wild stunts in the past, but his latest is crazier than any other before it.

The YouTuber is the proud owner of an extensively modified Chevrolet Silverado 2500 he has dubbed the Monstermax. When driven on the street, it sits on four massive monster truck tires, but eager to make it even crazier, the content creator has fitted four extra wheels, giving the massive truck the buoyancy it needs to float.

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To put the vehicle to the test, it was transported by trailer from Indiana down to Florida, where the road tires were replaced with the eight monster truck tires on the boat ramp. It then drove directly into the Gulf of Mexico and, surprisingly, had enough grunt to move through the water under its own power, albeit at very low speeds.

However, as the tide started to increase, the Silverado had to be hooked onto a boat acting as a tow vehicle to ensure it could fight the current and continue to move forward. The sight of a pickup truck wading its way through the Gulf of Mexico caught the attention of the authorities, who deployed multiple boats from the U.S. Coast Guard to make sure everything was okay.

The wild stunt proved to be a complete success and while the YouTuber was hit with a $70 fine for not having the pickup properly registered as an aquatic vehicle, the revenue generated by the video itself has already far exceeded the price of that fine.


Updated: November 20, 2020 — 12:43 am

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