How To Stream Nvidia GeForce Now Games

Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service is available for beta access on iPhone and iPad. Here’s how to start playing games on an iOS device.

iPhone and iPad owners who are also subscribed to Nvidia GeForce Now can stream PC games without sitting at their computers. Much like Xbox Game Pass or Google Stadia, gamers can simply choose the game they want to play on their phone and join the action with a compatible Bluetooth controller. As with other cloud-based gaming services, a fast and stable internet connection is required.

With the cooperation of PC game clients such as Steam and the Epic Games Store, gamers who own an iPhone or iPad can get access to a select number of new and popular titles from the classic Counter-Strike to the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. GeForce Now is also available in either program or app form on PC, Mac, Nvidia Shield TV, and Android devices. As a result, it is a widely-supported service for those looking to game at home or anywhere else.

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On November 19, Nvidia announced GeForce Now can be accessed on iPhone or iPad devices through the iOS version of Safari. Gamers without prior experience in streaming games on a handheld device may feel overwhelmed at first, but there aren’t many steps needed to take, especially if the iPhone or iPad owner already plays PC games on their computer via GeForce Now. The list of Bluetooth controllers that can be used to play games with GeForce NOW on Apple devices is a short one, but for current console gamers, the list does include both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers. Thus, the majority of potential new GeForce Now users should only need to buy one or two items to make the most of the iOS support.

Setting Up GeForce Now On iPhone (Or iPad)

Nvidia GeForce NOW on multiple devices

Gamers can get started by visiting on their iOS device and register if they haven’t already. A GeForce Now “Founders membership” costs $4.99 per month or $24.99 for six months when paying on a bi-annual basis. However, a free trial is available for new subscribers, so the service can be tested before making any payments. Once registered and logged in, gamers can search for any purchased games in their game library and tap the “PLAY” button to launch the game. Before the game starts, a prompt might appear regarding the controller being used. To pair a controller with an Apple device, go to the Bluetooth section of the Settings app and select the controller from the list, before returning to the Safari browser to begin gameplay.

GeForce Now on iPhone or iPad could become a preferred method of playing games at home for many gamers. With limits regarding game selection and where they can take their hardware, PC gamers can still enjoy a Nintendo Switch-esque experience through the mobile device support and play full-fledged PC games in any room of the home. Likewise, the new support also offers an additional option for those who have yet to pick up a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series console to play on. Not to mention, mobile gamers can access a greater variety of bigger games without worrying about storage issues. iOS Nvidia GeForce Now support is still in a beta phase, so any iPhone or iPad bugs should be fixed, once they are identified.

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