How Old Is Alison From Windy City Rehab? And 9 Other Questions About The HGTV Show, Answered

Chicago native Alison Victoria has become a huge HGTV star thanks to Windy City Rehab. Fans want to know everything, from her age to her lawsuits.

As soon as Windy City Rehab premiered on HGTV, fans loved watching Alison Victoria flip and renovate homes in Chicago. It was clear that the host was a big star and that she would be on TV for years to come. It’s very soothing to tune into an HGTV series and see progress being made on a house being flipped. The finished product is always gorgeous and this formula has become a winner for the network, which has many home renovation shows.

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Alison has a $4 million net worth and has had some tough times along the way. Fans want to know everything they can about the HGTV star and the show in general, as it’s become very popular.

10 How Old Is Alison?

Alison Victoria Windy City Rehab

People are curious about Alison and one big question is her age. The Windy City Rehab star is 38 years old.

Alison used to be the face of Kitchen Crashers, so people might recognize her if they tuned into that show. Since she’s from Chicago, she wanted to host this new show.

9 Was There A Lawsuit And What Was It Concerning?

Windy City Rehab Alison Victoria

Fans of Windy City Rehab might have heard that there is a lawsuit connected to the series.

Anna and James Morrissey sued and say that one day after their house closing went through, their Lincoln Square home (featured on the show) had a roof that leaked and a kitchen leak from a shower on another floor. They paid $1.36 million for the house and would like Alison and her co-host Donovan to get it off their hands.

8 Are Alison And Donovan Still Co-Hosts?

Windy City Rehab Alison And Donovan

It’s always fun to watch a duo on an HGTV show, especially a married couple like Chip and Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper. Windy City Rehab viewers know that Alison and Donovan were the faces of the show, and they might have heard that there was some drama between them.

Alison says that Donovan didn’t deal with the company’s money properly, and the pair went through a lot after Chicago suspended his developer and contractor licenses. Alison has since decided to cut ties with Donovan. She said, “This is the end with me and Donovan. He’s gone, by his own right, by his own doing.”

7 Did Alison Date Donovan?

Windy City Rehab Alison And Donovan

It’s nice to watch shows about people who aren’t famous and that’s one reason why people liked tuning into Windy City Rehab. Alison and Donovan seemed very relatable and they always appeared to be regular people that viewers could see themselves being friends with.

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People are curious if Alison and Donovan dated and it seems like these two have always been platonic. Alison’s husband is named Luke Harding and they tied the knot in 2013.

6 How Did The Show Come About?

windy city rehab alison victoria

HGTV has done really well with home reno series and it makes sense that they would have another hit on their hands with Windy City Rehab.

After Alison flipped a Chicago home, she went to HGTV with the concept for a new show. She has said that design is a “dream” of hers and that she’s really enjoying this career.

5 Did Alison Sell The Houses She Flipped In The First Season?

windy city rehab alison victoria

Of course, the whole point of flipping houses is to sell them for a higher price since their value has hopefully increased.

Fans who tuned into season 1 are curious if Alison was able to sell the houses she flipped. There were a total of 11 houses being flipped in those episodes. Four of the homes officially closed, although Alison and Donovan had put the number at seven.

4 Are There Other Lawsuits?

windy city rehab alison and donovan

There is a lot to know about this show when cameras aren’t filming, and fans wonder if there is more than one lawsuit.

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There have actually been a few lawsuits. Samantha Mostaccio and Shane Jones filed a lawsuit and the documents read that it was about “several construction and warranty defects, including water damage, cracking concrete columns and a problematic garage, which has allegedly required more than $100,000 in repairs.”

3 Is Alison On Another HGTV Show?

rock the block hgtv show alison victoria

Fans might have heard that Alison is on another HGTV show and the answer is yes, she is.

Alison will be on season 2 of Rock The Block, a renovation show centered on four competing teams, including Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. Alison, who was featured on the first season, will be paired up with Mike Holmes.

2 How Do People In The Chicago Neighborhoods Feel?

windy city rehab alison victoria

Fans might wonder how people living in Chicago feel, as the whole point of this HGTV series is flipping houses, and that can take place in a neighborhood that hasn’t seen these types of house prices before.

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People living in Bridgeport/the South Side of Chicago haven’t been happy. Apparently, people were upset when the series renovated a house and put it on the market for $790,000 when the house was originally bought for the much lower price of $260,000.

1 Will There Be A Season 3?

windy city rehab alison victoria

Windy City Rehab is among a long list of fun reality series and viewers are wondering if they’re going to get more episodes. After all, there will always be a demand for these types of shows.

So far, two seasons of Windy City Rehab have aired, and HGTV hasn’t said if there will be a third season.

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