Everything To Know About The Mega Leg On Season 32

The Amazing Race season 32 will feature the series’ first-ever Mega Leg. Find out what this extended leg of TAR will mean for the six teams left.

The Amazing Race 32 will feature the series’ first-ever Mega Leg, which means that these teams will have to overcome more obstacles than ever in order to finish first. It’s no surprise to longtime TAR fans that some legs are just much harder than others. Some locations take culture shock, language barriers, and weather complications up a few notches, forcing the competing teams to face unimaginable hurdles and perhaps even find their breaking point on the show. Nonetheless, as far as the viewers are concerned, the harder the legs, the cooler the race. The fans don’t want easy straight lines – it’s precisely those extra detours and barriers that make TAR so much fun to watch.

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But even when considering all of the difficulties that have been introduced on The Amazing Race over the years, the viewers have never seen anything that sounds even remotely close to a Mega Leg. Still, this new format does raise the stakes significantly for TAR season 32, which has been an ongoing theme for all of the big CBS reality competitions that aired in 2020. This year’s Survivor: Winners at War, for instance, brought in a cast of all winners and doubled the grand prize to $2 million. Over the summer, Big Brother 22: All-Stars aired the series’ first-ever Triple Eviction, evicting a total of three houseguests in just one night. Last but not least, Love Island USA season 2 featured the very tough Casa Amor twist for the first time ever.

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Now, it’s time for The Amazing Race to turn up the heat and make these contestants fight even harder for the $1 million grand prize. On Wednesday, November 25, CBS will broadcast a two-hour TAR 32 special that will include episode 8 (“Are You A Rickshaw?”) and episode 9 (“This Is Not Payback, It’s Karma”). These two episodes will feature the show’s first-ever Mega Leg. Per a CBS release, the Mega Leg will take place in Hyderabad, India, and it’ll include double the detours and double the roadblocks in comparison to a standard leg. The contestants will also have to travel double the distance that they normally have to. The Mega Leg sounds exhausting, and it is safe to assume that the six remaining teams will have to be more rested than ever in order to complete it.

At this point on TAR season 32, the six teams left are DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge; Aparna and Eswar Dhinakaran; Haley and Kaylynn Williams; Chee Lee and Hung Nguyen; Will Jardell and James Wallington; and Maddison and Riley McKibbin. Will and James ended the previous leg (the seventh of the season) in first place, which means that they are well situated for this Mega Leg. On the other hand, Eswar and Aparna finished Leg 7 in sixth place, which means that they will have a lot of catching up to do on the Mega Leg.

It’s time for the racing teams to tie their shoes, sharpen their focus, and face off on the series’ first-ever Mega Leg. The fans are already very excited to see what will happen to them during this special event.

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The Amazing Race 32 premieres Wednesday, October 14 at 9pm ET on CBS.

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