Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition On Xbox Series X: Vergil’s Inferno

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is the definitive version of one of the best action games of the PS4/Xbox One era (so long as V is ignored).

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is an updated version of the incredible action game that was originally developed/published by Capcom during the PS4/Xbox One era. The visuals of the game are stunning, to the point where it might be the most impressive looking game on the Xbox Series X, but the new content isn’t worth a double-dip to all but the biggest fans of the series.

For more information about the base versioncheck out our Devil May Cry 5 review for the PS4 version of the game. In short: Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition involves the appearance of a powerful demon named Urizon. Dante must team up with Nero and a mysterious young man named V in order to save the world. The gameplay is fast and satisfying, the characters feel unique, and the visuals are stunning. The only major downside is the character of V, who looks like Kylo Ren if he were designed by Tetsuya Nomura, and plays like a Pikmin character in a way that doesn’t gel with the rest of the game.

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But that’s enough about what’s in the base version of Devil May Cry 5. The special edition includes new features, and this review will break down their effect on the overall experience.

Performance & Visuals

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition Raytracing

Devil May Cry 5 was already an incredible looking game, but the special edition takes it to whole a new level. It’s possible to switch on ray tracing in Devil May Cry Special Edition, which adds a realistic effect to reflections to surfaces and the quality of the lightning. Once ray tracing is seen in action, it’s hard to switch it off. People interested in a smoother frame rate can disable ray tracing, and some of the new modes (mentioned below) require it to be switched off. It also bears mentioning that ray tracing isn’t part of the Xbox Series S version of the game.

The other impressive aspect of Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is load times, or rather, the absence of them. It only takes a few seconds to go from selecting a mission to actually playing it. This is the power of the current generation of systems, and it’s breathtaking to see it in action in its early days.

The New Content

Vergil Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition isn’t quite as impressive when it comes to brand new content. The biggest new addition to the game is Vergil, who joins as the fourth playable character. Vergil plays in a similar manner to Dante, with a mixture of swordplay, melee brawling, and a pistol-like magical spell that fires blue shards at the enemy. Vergil is a lot of fun to play and can feel overpowered compared to the rest of the cast, especially with his Devil Trigger special ability creating a clone that fights alongside him. The only problem with Vergil is his story mode, which only includes a few additional cutscenes that are wrapped around the same campaign used by Dante/Nero/V. Vergil’s campaign is almost identical to the one that was already in the game.

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition also brings back the Bloody Palace mode, where the player fights through waves of enemies while under a strict timer. This mode is fun for short bursts, but it also feels tacked-on. The most impressive content additions are Turbo Mode and the Legendary Dark Knight difficulty setting, both of which disable the ray tracing. Turbo Mode drastically increases the speed of the gameplay, making the action even more frantic than it was before. Legendary Dark Knight difficulty significantly ups the number of enemies on the screen, to the point where it starts to feel like a Dynasty Warriors game. The enemies pack a much harder punch in this difficulty mode and high-level foes start appearing in the earlier stages. Legendary Dark Knight mode is the ultimate challenge for Devil May Cry fans and it will put the skills of even the best players to the test.

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is a visually stunning game that shows off the power of the Xbox Series X. The new content isn’t worth an additional purchase to people who finished the original version of the game, but people who are new to the series or missed Devil May Cry 5 should absolutely check it out.

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Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is available now for PS5 and Xbox Series X. A digital code for the Xbox Series X version of the game was provided for the purposes of this review.

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