Cyberpunk 2077 Lets Streamers Turn Off Copyrighted Music To Avoid DMCA

Cyberpunk 2077 is adding the option to turn off certain copyrighted music tracks, making it safe for streamers to play without getting DMCA strikes.

Cyberpunk 2077 is getting an option to remove copyrighted music from the game, making it safe to use for streamers and other content creators without fear of getting a DMCA strike. The oft-delayed game also got a hefty new gameplay trailer today, showing off more of what players can expect from the dystopian RPG and seemingly putting to rest fears that its release could be pushed back yet again.

Copyright violations are always a concern for streamers and video creators, who can have their videos demonetized or their accounts suspended on sites like Twitch or YouTube for using material they don’t have the rights to. Most game developers and publishers are happy to let their creations be used in this way, though Nintendo in particular has a reputation for issuing takedown requests to those using its games for content. More recently, DMCA strikes have become a major issue at Twitch, with many of the site’s streamers getting warnings for playing games with copyrighted music and even sound effects, sometimes on videos that are years old.

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It seems that CD Projekt Red has a plan to help streamers and video makers avoid those issues altogether when playing Cyberpunk 2077. As revealed in today’s Night City Wire stream, the upcoming game will have an option to turn off songs that could have copyright issues and replace them with tracks that have been cleared for use.

It’s certainly a better solution to DMCA fears than the one that Twitch itself proposed, which was simply to turn off the in-game audio. Unsurprisingly, streamers took issue with this, as the idea of running a stream that was silent except for the sound of their own voices didn’t strike many people as the kind of show they’d like to run or watch. Plenty of streamers made their voices heard on the issue, calling Twitch out for offering lukewarm advice rather than doing anything to actually help its members. Some streamers even protested with silent streams of music games or provided their own hilarious sound effects for muted games.

When Cyberpunk 2077 was announced, it looked like the game of many players’ dreams. In the years since, CD Projekt Red has squandered a considerable amount of that good will with messaging that many have called out as transphobic and racist, and the studio’s decision to force its developers to crunch through multiple delays. Nevertheless, Cyberpunk 2077’s copyright-safe mode will likely do a lot to endear it to streamers when it finally sees the light of day next month.

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