Community: Every Season Premiere, According To IMDb

Community was truly one of a kind, and the season premieres seldom disappointed fans. Take a walk down memory lane!

Anybody on earth who spent at least one semester away at college understood the comedy Community at a primal level as the sitcom about a study group of misfits at a community college could be related too at every possible turn. From the random patrons in the background that would be seen every episode to the pointless electives and stingy cafeteria food, the show got every detail about college life correct.

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The Greendale-Seven may have spent more time at a community college than it takes most people to do, but make no mistake that the group of friends did everything they could to make every second of their college experience count – and that’s what college is really all about in the first place. And while every episode of Community is filled with laughter and relatable-material, it’s the premiere episodes that carry the heavy burden of introducing the characters, and the audience, to a brand new year of school, hijinks, and adventures that they’ll have to deal with.

6 History 101, Season 4 (7.3)

This was the first season premiere that didn’t include the show’s original creator, Dan Harmon, and the poor rating says it all. That said, the episode still delivers hilarity as it follows the premise that Jeff has completed every single class that he needs to in order to graduate… except for one more history credit. However, the only history class for the entire semester fills up quickly and gets overbooked, resulting in the Dean creating an assortment of challenges with the winners earning their spot in the class.

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Sadly, the rest of the study-group is hurt that Jeff would go behind their backs to try and graduate early and none of them want to take the history credit with him – so, to prove to his friends that he does truly care about them, Jeff does everything he can to win seven of the Dean’s challenges so that he can get all of them into the history class with him. Eventually, the Dean admits to Jeff that he tried to sabotage Jeff’s graduation plans by only making one history class available, so he apologizes and tells Jeff that he’ll be adding another so that Jeff can graduate on time.

5 Pilot, Season 1 (7.7)

In the very first episode of the series, audiences are introduced to the main cast when Jeff Winger, a disbarred lawyer, tries to hit on a hippie-chick, Britta, by claiming that he’s a Spanish tutor and can help her with her homework. Unfortunately, Jeff gets stymied when Britta invites 5 other people to join them studying and Jeff unwillingly finds himself involved with a study-group that he wants nothing to do with.

He tries to bail on the group (making them feel crappy in the process) but then has a change of heart when he realizes he doesn’t actually know any Spanish and he’s going to fail his test in the morning. The group takes pity on Jeff and invites him back into the library to study with them… and that’s exactly where he’d stay for 6 more years.

4 Ladders, Season 6 (7.8)

After five years at college and a countless amount of adventures, Greendale was understandably a little rough-around-the-edges (despite the Save Greendale Committee that was instated the prior year). In response, the Dean decides to bring in Frankie, an administrative consultant who is tasked with getting the school in shape. However, as is the nature of the study group, they don’t make it easy for the newcomer when they begin an illegal speakeasy underneath the school cafeteria.

Frankie finds out about the bar and tries to shut it down, but unwittingly accuses Abed of having a mental-disorder and flees the school in shame. Sadly, Frankie’s departure allows the school to return to anarchy and several problems and injuries occur… resulting in the study-group and the Dean realizing that the school truly needs stability and order, so they bring Frankie back.

3 Repilot, Season 5 (7.9)

With the return of Dan Harmon, as well as the graduation of the entire Greendale-Seven, the season 5 premiere decided to go all the way back to the first episode of the series with the study-group (minus Pierce) returning to Greendale to help save the school when it gets a massive lawsuit placed against it. Jeff, now a fully-legal but failed lawyer, is approached by his former firm and they try to convince him to get evidence against Greendale for the case, which Jeff nearly does.

However, his old study-group convinces him to save the school instead as they all decide that they’re going to re-enroll in the school and get degrees in areas that they actually care about – all except for Jeff, who becomes a law professor for the school instead.

2 Biology 101, Season 3 (8.1)

Cards on the table, Jeff went a little crazy with this one. The season 2 finale made it seem as though Pierce was going to be leaving the group (and possibly the show) altogether and continued that possibility into the third season when it’s revealed that the study group is taking Biology without him. Lo and behold, Pierce shows up and asks to be back in the group, but Jeff denies him the opportunity when he makes the assessment that Pierce can’t be in a biology study group if he isn’t taking biology.

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Unfortunately, Jeff then gets himself kicked out of biology class (with Pierce getting the now available spot), and the study group claims that Jeff can no longer be a part of their study sessions since he’s the one that isn’t in biology anymore. This causes Jeff to blow a gasket (as well as the monkey-gas) and he ends up attacking the study group table with a fire ax. With Pierce’s help, the group takes pity on Jeff and allows him back into the study group, as well as helping him get back into biology class.

1 Anthropology 101, Season 2 (8.7)

The Greendale-Seven had finished their first year of school, as well as their Spanish class, and decided to move on to something different – Anthropology. However, the class is hindered when the episode picks up right where the season 1 finale left off with Britta informing Jeff that she loves him, and then Jeff kissing Annie in response.

Jeff and Britta immediately get into a power struggle over which one of them will admit that they don’t actually love each other, causing so many problems that it becomes a question whether or not the group will stay together. Luckily, at the end of the episode, Jeff uses the lessons he learned from being selfish to his friends and applies them to their anthropology class while also apologizing to the study-group at the same time – then he gets attacked by Betty White.

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