Arrested Development Is Done For Good Says David Cross

A sixth season of Arrested Development won’t happen, according to series star David Cross, who says that it’s all over for the Bluth family.

The celebrated cult comedy series Arrested Development is done for good, says comedian and co-star David Cross. Initially looking as though the series had reached the end of its road after the third season concluded in 2006, fans were delighted when Netflix brought it back for two more seasons.

Unfortunately for Arrested Development fans, however, the two new seasons weren’t always able to maintain the spark that had made earlier seasons so great. This isn’t to say that they didn’t contribute something meaningful or funny to the series as a whole, but it does seem that the longer Arrested Development went on for, the more difficult things became for many of the people involved. Despite this, there has been much hope among a certain segment of fans that a sixth series could be on its way. Hollywood has always been a place where no project is ever truly dead—as was evidenced by the way that Arrested Development initially made its return to TV screens after a seven-year hiatus. That sort of proof alone is more than enough for some fans to remain hopeful that more Development is in development.

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However, while maintaining hope for more Arrested Development certainly isn’t a bad thing, it’s completely unlikely to occur, according to Cross. During an interview with The Daily Beast, Cross reiterated four times that “it’s over” when asked about the possibility of a sixth season. Then, when asked how he knows for certain that this is the case, he replied, “I just know.” The response is short and to the point, and for Arrested Development fans, it’s just about the worst thing that any member of its cast could say.

It’s often the case that what a cast member of a TV series or the star of a film has to say about the possibility of more should be taken with a grain of salt. However, when it comes to Cross, he’s gained a reputation over the years as the sort of celebrity who tells it like it is and who isn’t afraid to attack the egos of his fellow celebrities when he deems it necessary. His longstanding disdain for Jim Belushi, for example, is well documented. And while this doesn’t necessarily offer proof that Cross is right about Arrested Development, it does lend credence to the comedian’s upfront nature and willingness to speak his mind.

All this being said, until an official statement is made that the series is finished for good, there will always be those who believe that another season of Arrested Development is just around the corner. As previously discussed, Hollywood is a tricky place, and while Cross is adamant that it will never happen, perhaps fans should brace themselves for the possibility of a sixth season happening, but without Cross. It’s very hard to say what could or might occur, but as things currently stand, the tale of the Bluths appears to be at an end.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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