Amazon UK’s PS5 Customers Getting Scammed With Wrong Products

Expectant gamers in the UK have been sorely disappointed, as the arrival of their PlayStation 5s from Amazon turn out to be anything but the console.

Gamers who pre-ordered the new PlayStation 5 console through Amazon UK appear to have been scammed, as they receive the wrong products in the mail. The PlayStation 5 had its European launch yesterday. The day has been one of high anticipation for gamers in the UK, after Sony’s fans in Europe had to wait an additional week after the US launch, before getting their hands on the new generation gaming console.

Sony celebrated the launch of its PlayStation 5 in the UK by dressing Oxford Circus up in playful controller inspired lights, as well as renaming some London Underground stations with cleverly contrived video game puns. Many parts of the United Kingdom are still facing heavy restrictions that have been put in place to help stem the spread of COVID-19, making the release of new gaming consoles a light in the darkness for many. Unfortunately for many expectant gamers though, the launch of the PlayStation 5 in the UK has gone less than swimmingly.

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Confident that their Amazon UK pre-orders would be filled, players in Britain waited inside on launch day to graciously receive their new PlayStation 5 consoles. But rather than unwrapping their deliveries to find the new generation of gaming at their fingertips, numerous PlayStation gamers have been met with an unusual (and unexpected) cacophony of items instead. Sharing their experiences on social media, Bexlectric posted a video of her unboxing her new gaming platform… Except what they discovered inside actually turned out to be an Air Fryer from Amazon. Flagwithoutwind had a similar experience, but this time her Amazon parcel turned out to contain cat food, instead of the PlayStation 5 they had pre-ordered through the company.  Amazon Help has been seen to reply to both social media users, but it is unclear what the company’s explanations are for this gross oversight.

It is not just Amazon UK that has been having issues fulfilling deliveries within Britain. The UK’s biggest game retailer, Game, has also acknowledged the widespread disappointment of many gamers, as it struggles to get orders of the PlayStation 5 out on time. Unusually in this instance, however, the retailers have blamed the vast size of the PS5 as the cause of the delays.

For many who just all out missed the pre-order wave for the PlayStation 5, there may be a chance to get hold of the elusive console as part of Black Friday this year. Buyers should be aware when looking for a deal online though, as there have already been records of scalpers selling the PlayStation 5 for astronomical prices, and often the product’s legitimacy is more than a tad questionable. Then again, it is maybe better than a can of cat food (especially if you do not own a cat).

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The PlayStation 5 is available now.

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