All 10 Concept Art Reveals

The Mandalorian’s chapter 12 hints at a new Imperial plot, clones and the real reason Baby Yoda was called “the asset”. Here’s all the concept art.

Warning: This post includes spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2 episode 4.

The Mandalorian‘s fourth episode of season 2, “The Siege” includes some stunning artwork over the credits with looks at some of the episode’s biggest moments. The follow-up to the reveal of Bo-Katan and the first mention of Ahsoka Tano saw a step back from the main Baby Yoda storyline for Mando to seek out old allies and get some much-needed repairs on the Razor Crest.

After the arrival of Bo-Katan and her fellow Mandalorians, episode four continued Din Djarin’s mission via a deviation that filled in some of the backstory on Baby Yoda’s value to the Empire and Moff Gideon’s plans to resurrect the Imperial army with a new era. There were callbacks to both the original trilogy and the prequels, a major set-up for the sequels era and a mongoose. All bases covered.

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After the lore-heavy revelations of “The Heiress”, episode 4 brought more action, the return of Moff Gideon (and the reveal of both clones and what appears to be new troopers) and some actual insight into why the Empire specifically wants Baby Yoda. And as ever, the concept art over the credits offers a further look at some of the episode’s best moments. Here’s all 1o concept art pieces featured at the end of The Mandalorian season 2, episode 4, “The Siege.”

TIE Fighters And Speeders Attack

The return of the Empire for a new era still includes some welcome – and nostalgia-baiting – hangovers from the old eras. More TIE Fighter sequences in The Mandalorian are never a bad thing.

The Mandalorian: Attack Of The Clones

While this looks like a setup for the Palpatine plot in the sequel trilogy, the truth is probably that the Empire are attempting to make a new clone army of super-soldiers with Force sensitive powers.

Din Djarin Attacks The Imperial Base

It’s never just a skeleton crew. No matter what the – always inaccurate – intelligence suggests.

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Greef And Cara Dune Enjoy The Good Life

The vibe in this piece very much seems to suggest a peaceful world, which fits with the image of the Empire operating underground that the episode would establish late on.

Nevarro’s School System

Mandalorian Concept Art School Nevarro

With Nevarro healing from its Imperial wounds, the school system is back in operation. Interestingly, the concept art seems to suggest that the teacher was at one point a human rather than a protocol droid.

Moff Gideon’s Secret Imperial Base

Mandalorian Concept Art Moff Gideon Base

Inside the Empire’s prototype First Order rebirth with the return of Moff Gideon. Minus the Darksaber, interestingly.

The Return To Nevarro

The Mandalorian COncept Art Nevarro

In the wake of the Empire’s seeming retreat from Nevarro and Cara Dune’s installment as Marshal, it appears to be thriving.

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The Mongoose Bites Back

The Mandalorian Ponda Baba Mongoose

Though it wasn’t shown in the episode, the Mongoose tormented by the Ponda Baba and then rescued by Cara Dune had the power to defend itself thanks to fire breath.

Moff Gideon’s Secret Imperial Base

How better to confirm yourself as a Bond-like supervillain than by having a base built inside an active volcano?

The Trexler Marauder

Another of Star Wars‘ Marauder vessels, this sturdy transporter appears to be the same class from the finale of season 1.

Baby Yoda’s Latest Eating Habits

It wouldn’t be a season 2 episode of The Mandalorian without some added comment on Baby Yoda’s dietary habits. This episode’s fare was considerably less squirming than some of his other habits though, with confirmation the cookies weren’t always blue.

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