Zack Snyder Loves Star Wars, But Doesn’t Think He Fits In Disney’s Universe

Zack Snyder says despite his long love of the franchise, he doesn’t think he would fit into the current Star Wars universe as a director.

Zack Snyder says despite his long love of the franchise, he doesn’t think he would fit into the current Star Wars universe as a director. Snyder is best known for directing dark, R-rated superhero movies, adapting classic graphic novel Watchmen for the screen in 2009, and then directing a trilogy of movies which helped launch the DC Extended Universe, starting with Man of Steel. His final project for DC, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, is set to be released on HBO Max in 2021, and a new trailer for the project, released on the third anniversary of the theatrical cut’s release, debuted Tuesday.

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Given his record of directing franchise movies, many have wondered whether Snyder would direct a movie in the Star Wars universe, especially since a 2013 rumor linked him to a Seven Samurai-style standalone Star Wars project, which would have focused on a team of Jedi Knights. That project never got past the rumor stage, though, and the Star Wars universe has since produced three sequels in the Skywalker saga, two standalone movies, and the smash hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian. Snyder, meanwhile, has produced a number of other projects, and is currently working on a series of zombie movies for Netflix, in addition to editing his cut of Justice League.

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Now, Snyder has once again been asked whether he would be up for directing a Star Wars movie, during an interview with TheFilmJunkee (at 01:19:00) on YouTube. Snyder’s response, though diplomatic, essentially makes it clear he doesn’t feel his approach would fit in with Disney’s current vision of the universe. Adding that although he loves the franchise, given it inspired him to start making movies, he no longer knows “what it is” and feels like it’s “moved on from him.” You can see his full comments below:

I think I’ve gone over this a little bit in the past. I am a huge Star Wars fan. The reason why I started making movies when I was 11 years old was because of Star Wars. For sure it has been a huge influence on me and really got me into this mythic path with the Joseph Campbellian take on archetypes and storytelling. Yeah, Star Wars is that to me. I have interest in Star Wars. I don’t think I have a story written now that… I don’t know how I’d fit into the Star Wars universe anymore. Like, I… I don’t know what it is. So it’s a thing I love, but I don’t know if I… maybe it’s moved on from me. I still love it and I have lightsabers everywhere around the house.

Rey, Finn, and Poe in The Rise of Skywalker

It’s not surprising that Snyder doesn’t see himself fitting into the current Star Wars universe. Disney’s sequel films were firmly aimed at the whole family and, for the most part, feature easy-to-follow adventure-style plots. Snyder is not only more at home in the R-rated space, but also enjoys making movies that go deep with their universe’s mythology, something on full display with his cut of Justice League, which is getting a whole lot of extra work done, and includes 2.5 hours of unseen footage, most of which was originally deemed to dense by the studio and replacement director Joss Whedon.

Sadly, then, it seems as though those rumors back in 2013 were just that, and Snyder won’t be joining the Star Wars universe for the foreseeable future. It doesn’t rule out the possibility entirely, though. Disney has already changed course with the franchise once in recent years, deciding to focus on TV shows and movies disconnected from the core Skywalker saga in the short term, and so there may one day be space for more complex, adult-themed genre movies to be made in the universe. Fans will have to be patient, though, as Disney clearly isn’t there yet.

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