Why Jennifer Aniston Hated The Rachel Haircut

Jennifer Aniston had one of the most iconic haircuts of the ’90s with “The Rachel” on Friends, but the actress wasn’t a fan of the memorable look.

Jennifer Aniston had one of the most iconic haircuts of the ’90s with “The Rachel” on Friends, but the actress wasn’t a fan of the look. Aniston portrayed Rachel Greene for all 10 seasons of the hit NBC sitcom, and like the other characters, her style evolved in the decade in which the series was on the air. The specific hairstyle was prominently featured in the show’s second season, which broadcast in 1995 and 1996.

“The Rachel” was a short, layered shag cut given to Aniston to change up her character’s style just as Friends was gaining popularity. The haircut was created by Aniston’s longtime stylist, Chris McMillan, who at the time, wanted to switch up her long, fringed hair. He then cut a bunch of layers, angled them to blend with her bangs, and added a touch of highlights. The bouncy and boxy hairstyle then became one of the most-talked-about aspects of the series.

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“The Rachel” became so popular that millions of fans around the world tried to mimic Aniston’s look. Even other TV shows tried to put similar hairstyles on their actresses in the ’90s, but nothing quite matched Rachel’s chic haircut. Decades later, “The Rachel” has turned into one of the most influential hairstyles in pop culture history alongside the likes of Farrah Fawcett’s feathered waves from Charlie’s Angels. Aniston’s most notable look has gained a resurgence in popularity as of late, but she wants nothing to do with that period in her past. In fact, since rocking the ‘do, the actress has garnered a hatred for “The Rachel”.

Aniston’s Opinion On “The Rachel” Changed Over Time

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Aniston was a fan of “The Rachel” at first, but that changed when she realized how high maintenance the style became. Despite being considered an easy cut, McMillan has since shared that it required continuous trims. The actress failed to replicate the style on her own, and without McMillan’s styling expertise, she was left with a lot of frizz. Back in 2011, Aniston mentioned the cut in an interview (via Allure), claiming the “The Rachel” was “the ugliest haircut” that she had ever seen. This, of course, was the fallout reaction after the disastrous upkeep that came as a result, ultimately changing her opinion.

Additionally, Aniston commented on “The Rachel” (via Glamour), saying that she wasn’t a fan of the look, and even called it “cringe-y.” She went on to cherish Rachel’s simpler hairstyles that came later on in Friends. Though, she understood why “The Rachel” was popular, Aniston was glad to get rid of it and never look back. To this day, the actress sides with more natural styles that don’t require many cuts and tools to accomplish.

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