Which Seasons Had The Richest Leading Man?

Though The Bachelor has gone on for too long, it has featured a variety of leading men from extremely diverse backgrounds. From NFL players to Italian princes, the show has provided some of the most interesting bachelors of any dating reality show.

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Whether the contestants are in it for the fame, the money, or the marriage, most of them hit the jackpot. The bachelors aren’t just charming and handsome, as many of them have found financial success after the show, and a few of them already had it.

10 Season 17: Sean Lowe

As his season was so entertaining and one that should have been in The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever!, Lowe was the whole package, especially when it came to his career.

Lowe has an estimated net worth of $500,000, but the former bachelor has admitted that fame pays, as he has since starred in several reality shows, and his net worth has surely seen a rise. Not only that, but Lowe and Catherine Giudici are one of the relationships still going strong.

9 Season 19: Chris Soules

The Bachelor Chris Soules

Though Soules’ engagement ended up being one of the relationships of The Bachelor that didn’t last, Soules is at least doing well in his work life. Soules’ last known net worth was $500,000, but it may have increased since it was last updated.

However, it may also have decreased, as the 2015 bachelor caused a car crash that killed a man and surely resulted in a ton of legal fees.

8 Season 16: Ben Flajnik


Flajnik’s list of gigs is extensive, as his LinkedIn page includes, but is not limited to, designing sunglasses, running a winery, being an advisor for a dating app, and, of course, being a model.

The 16th bachelor’s current role is as the senior community manager for Yelp with a reported salary of $62,000 per year. On top of that, he has invested in real estate and a vodka business, which has led to a net worth of $800,000.

7 Season 13: Jason Mesnick

jason mesnick (1)

Mesnick had already seen a lot of success going into The Bachelor, as he had a high-ranking role at an estate planning company, but when it comes to making money out of reality shows and televised events, Mesnick has seen a ton of financial success.

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The 13th bachelor had his wedding televised, with ABC offering up $1 million for the privilege. With that money. He now has his own real estate company and an estimated net worth of $1 million.

6 Season 23: Colton Underwood

The Bachelor Colton Underwood

Though it didn’t end well for Underwood, the former bachelor has an estimated net worth of $1 million, but it isn’t exactly clear where all that wealth came from.

He played in the NFL for quite some time, though he didn’t play in many major games. The total amount he earned for his stint in the NFL was just over $120,000, leaving the rest of his wealth up for much debate.

5 Season 22: Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Though he has since spoken ill of the show, Luyendyk can’t deny that The Bachelor has significantly helped his career in the years since. The former bachelor’s father has a net worth of $20 million and Arie is the heir to a fortune, but until then he has done extremely well for himself as a part-time race car driver and full-time real estate agent.

As he owns a million-dollar house, a $500,000 condo, and a net worth of $4 million, it’s safe to say he’s doing pretty well for himself.

4 Season 5: Jesse Palmer

jesse palmer the bachelor

Palmer is the most successful sports personality who has ever been The Bachelor, as not only does his resume list the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers, but he has continued his career in his later years by becoming a sports commentator too.

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Fox and ESPN even entered into a bidding war for the personality, and on top of that, Palmer hosts an alternative dating show, The Proposal. All totaled up, Palmer has a massive net worth of $8 million.

3 Season 8: Travis Lane Stork

Travis Lane Stork

When Stork starred in season eight of the dating show, he was in his ER residency, and when the show ended he moved to Colorado Trauma Center, becoming a successful doctor.

An ER physician made around $220,000 per year, but that’s just a short change for Stork. The former bachelor has written a whole bunch of health books and hosted 13 seasons of The Doctors. His net worth currently sits at $12 million.

2 Season 3: Andrew Firestone

Andrew Firestone

Firestone was already a millionaire when he rocked up to the Bachelor mansion in 2003, but that might have more to do with who his family is.

The millionaire is the heir to the insanely successful tire company, Firestone, which brings in tens of billions every year. Firestone also owns a winery and runs Stone Park Capital, which has helped him accrue a huge wealth of $50 million.

1 Season 9: Lorenzo Borghese

Lorenzo Borghese

It surely doesn’t come as any surprise that the Italian prince is the richest lead man of the entire series. Though he was descended from a pope, he does actually work for a living, as Borghese has run a pet cosmetics line for close to 20 years and is a partner of a cosmetic company too.

His list of other investments and partnerships goes on for so long it’s exhausting. On top of being royalty, Borghese has a net worth far north of $50 million.

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