Nicole Franzel Breaks Silence On Cody’s Final 2 Betrayal

Nicole Franzel broke her silence about why she is angry at Cody Calafiore for not taking her to Final 2 during the Big Brother 22: All-Stars finale.

Nicole Franzel has finally broken her silence about why she is angry at Cody Calafiore for not taking her to Final 2 during the Big Brother 22: All-Stars finale. Following the grand finale of BB22, the fans were taken aback by Nicole’s extreme reaction to being cut by Cody at the Final 3 after he won the final Head of Household competition of the season. Specifically, the fans noticed that Nicole went on a sudden Instagram unfollow spree that included Cody Calafiore, his girlfriend Cristie LaRatta, Derrick Levasseur, Daniele Donato Briones, Andy Herren, Haleigh Broucher, and Britney Haynes.

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While it is understandable that Nicole Franzel got her feelings hurt by Cody not taking her to the end on Big Brother 22, the fans were very thrown off by the other people that Nicole unfollowed after this season. And even when it comes to Cody, some fans thought that her actions were a bit extreme given that she herself cut many of her allies and friends in the game in order to further her own game. All things considered, Nicole and Cody met all the way back on Big Brother 16 and forged a Final 2 deal very early on BB22.

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But Nicole Franzel is now ready to talk about exactly how she felt when Cody Calafiore cut her right before the Final 2 on Big Brother: All-Stars. On the Coco Caliente podcast, Nicole claimed that she was never actually friends with Cody. While she was on BB16 with Cody, she said that they were never real friends outside of the show. Nicole then went on to say that winning the first part of the final HOH was important to her because, she felt, that guaranteed that she’d be sitting with Cody in the Final 2. In other words, her mind was made up to take him to the end, even if she thought that she’d still lose to him. Nicole then revealed that, immediately after the BB22 finale, she overheard (through a wall) when Cody gave out an interview and told a reporter that he’d vote for Enzo Palumbo to win the show if he had been cut by Nicole in the Final 3.

Nicole then moved on to say that what hurt her the most about Cody’s BB22 betrayal was that she did have an opportunity to take him out during the week when she won both the HOH and the POV. She now thinks that she should’ve done that. For context, what she did instead was target Memphis Garrett, who had put her up on the nomination block during the Triple Eviction. Nonetheless, Nicole feels that Cody cheated her out of a chance to fight for the $500,000 grand prize at the very end. On the podcast, Nicole also mentioned that she was surprised at Cody’s unanimous victory, saying that Enzo did play a great game and should’ve gotten a few jury votes.

It’s been a very eventful Big Brother 22: All-Stars post-season, but it seems like Nicole is ready to wrap it up. At least the fans got some (sort-of) clarifications that they waited to hear from her.

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Sources: Coco Caliente podcast

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