Javicia Leslie’s New Character Suits Up

A new Batwoman season 2 teaser video shows Javicia Leslie’s new character, Ryan Wilder, putting on the Batsuit that once belonged to Kate Kane.

A new Batwoman season 2 teaser shows Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder suiting up. The Arrowverse series will look quite different when it returns in January 2021, thanks to original star Ruby Rose’s departure from the show. Batwoman viewers were taken aback in May when Rose announced her exit. However, once Leslie was hired in July, excitement for season 2 grew. Even Rose supported Leslie’s casting, taking to Instagram to express her enthusiasm. Luckily, Rose’s Kate Kane will depart the show without being killed off.

Ryan Wilder is a brand-new DC character created especially for the Arrowverse. This makes her a bit of a mystery, though Batwoman creatives, as well as Leslie, have offered some teases. For one, Ryan comes from a very different background than Kate, which means she’ll be an entirely different Batwoman. She’ll also don a suit of her own, though she will wear Kate’s at first. Viewers have seen her in both looks, though Ryan’s Batsuit is arguably more exciting. It pays off on Leslie’s hope the suit would reflect that it’s a Black woman wearing it, with the hair the biggest change. Instead of Kate’s straight, bright red wig, Ryan’s hair will be more natural when she wears the Batsuit.

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Now, The CW has released a new teaser showing Leslie’s character suiting up. Though the video is relatively short, it’s clear Ryan is putting on Kate’s version of the Batsuit rather than her own. This suggests the scene takes place early in the season. Check out the teaser below:

It’s impossible to know for sure, but judging by Ryan’s reaction to seeing the mask and wig, this may be the first time she suits up as Batwoman. She seems slightly intimidated by the idea, but also ready to get the job done. Kate experienced some growing pains after first becoming the hero, and it seems likely Leslie’s character will go through something similar. However, everything known about Ryan so far indicates she’ll become a great Batwoman with time.

The most recent teaser will probably make some question when Ryan will wear her own suit for the first time. Judging by set photos, it appears it will be fairly early into the season. Though it makes sense logistically for Ryan to wear Kate’s suit at first, it’s important she get her own as soon as possible. This will help set her apart from Kate and become her own kind of Batwoman.

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