How To Use Google Chrome’s New Tab Search & Omnibox Features

In addition to its biggest performance boost for years, Google Chrome gets tab searching, omnibox Actions, and new tab page recently viewed cards.

Google has rolled out its final Chrome update of 2020. Not only does it make the browser faster, there are some useful news features too. Tabs are now easier to navigate, users can do more from the address bar — or ‘omnibox’ in Google parlance — and they can “pick up where they left off” from the new tab page.

Chrome was launched in 2008 and quickly became the runaway market leader among web browsers. Indeed, despite Microsoft Edge beginning to eat into its market share, Chrome is still used by at least around 65 percent of people going by the various services that track that sort of thing. Part of what made it so successful were its speed and other innovations that no other browsers had, both of which are reflected in this most recent update 12 years later.

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Google says the update delivers the biggest improvement in Chrome’s performance for years. It is now said to start up to 25 percent faster and load pages up to 7 percent faster all while using less power and RAM than previously. In addition, CPU usage is reduced by active browser tabs being prioritized over others. Navigating backward and forward in Chrome on Android, meanwhile, is also said to now be near-instantaneous. All that, of course, happens out of sight and, while welcome, may not even be noticed by many users. The newly introduced features are harder to miss.

New Google Chrome Features

Google has tried to make Chrome tabs as easy and productive to work with as possible for some time now, making it possible to pin tabs, send tabs to other devices, and group tabs. Soon, users will also be able to search among their tabs from a dropdown in the title bar to find the one they need. This will be most useful for those who are prone to having lots of tabs open at any given time, but anyone who works with a lot of tabs from time to time and has to navigate between them will benefit.

Also new are ‘Chrome Actions’, which are plain-language instructions that can be typed into the omnibox to cut the time of, say, navigating through the settings menu. The first batch that can be used are ‘clear browsing data’, ‘manage payment methods’, ‘open incognito window’, ‘manage passwords’, ‘update chrome’, and ‘translate page’. Google says these initial Actions focus on privacy and security to make certain aspects of those areas more accessible, but it plans to add more Actions in the future.

Finally, Google is adding cards to the new tab page that will take users back to their recently visited web-pages. The intention is to make it easier to refind content that may have been previously closed for more seamless session-to-session browsing. Google says it will also be experimenting with cards for related content, such as in areas like cooking and shopping.

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