Dead By Daylight Killer Guide: The Twins

The newest killer in Dead By Daylight is a set of conjoined twins, Victor and Charlotte Deshayes, who can separate at will to pose double the threat.

In the survival horror title Dead by Daylight by Behaviour Interactive, four survivors try to evade a single killer who wishes to find them all and sacrifice them to The Entity, a mysterious and malevolent being who demands blood. Survivors have no weapons and are only able to run at a faster pace than the killer, repair generators to find an escape route, and hide. Killers have a few special abilities they can use to find and kill or sacrifice the survivors to try and win the game. Dead By Daylight and its accompanying DLC features horror icons from several successful film and TV franchises, including Saw, Stranger Things, and Halloween as playable killers.

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The Twins are a new killing duo that will be available in the Chapter XVIII: A Binding of Kin DLC. One player can control each one of the twins independently, though they are technically a single killer. The Twins are 17th-century conjoined twin siblings Victor and Charlotte Deshayes. After their mother was burned as a witch, the twins were experimented upon, and, during one final experiment and escape attempt, Victor was killed. He remained attached to Charlotte and, just as she was about to die of starvation and hypothermia, reanimated and burst from her torso. The Entity sent both of them into the fog and into the game. Victor appears as a Gollum-like monster living inside a massive gash in his sister’s chest. He can pounce on survivors when the player controls him, then return quite literally to his sister’s side. Charlotte, meanwhile, is a large sickle-wielding woman full of seething hatred for humans. The Twins have powerful abilities and perks for players to use when chasing survivors.

Dead By Daylight Killer Guide: The Twins

Victor Pounces while Charlotte looms in the fog in Dead By Daylight

When playing as The Twins, players essentially receive two killers in one. Blood Bond is their main powerallowing them to separate and rejoin at will to double the threat to the survivors. To separate Victor from Charlotte, players will need to use the Power button. Players can then switch control between Victor and Charlotte using the Ability button.

When left on his own, Victor can trigger Killer Instinct on survivors within range of his Shriek to reveal their locations to Charlotte. The player can hold the Ability button to charge a Pounce attack from Victor, then release the button to allow Victor to pounce and deal damage. If the survivor was already at full health, Victor will remain latched onto the character and add the Broken, Oblivious, and Incapacitated status effects to them. If the survivor was injured, Victor will only down them and deal damage.

Charlotte will wield and use the Blade of Marseille. This is a rusty sickle the killer can use while controlling Charlotte.

Perks and Powers for The Twins in Dead By Daylight

A player controls Victor as he searches for a survivor in Dead By Daylight

There are three perks players can get for The Twins. They are not exclusive to The Twins once they are unlocked. Players can have any of their other Killers learn these perks and use them.

  • Hoarder will give the killer a 4-second Loud Noise notification whenever a survivor interacts with a Chest or picks up an Item within a certain radius of The Twins. It also decreases the rarity of Items found in all Chests.
  • Oppression causes regression on up to three other random Generators any time The Twins damage a single Generator. If a survivor was in the process of repairing any of the affected Generators, they will receive a Skill Check.
  • Coup de Grâce gives the killer one Token per completed Generator. The killer can consume Tokens to increase the distance of their next Lunge Attack by a growing percentage, making it easier to close in on and kill or sacrifice targets.

Survivors do have some recourse if they are attacked by Victor. Any survivor can use Remove to crush Victor. He will re-grow inside Charlotte’s chest, but this will take about 6 seconds. Survivors can also sneak up on Victor to crush him without triggering his Killer Instinct ability by crouching toward him.

For Killers to be successful when using The Twins, they are going to want to use all three of the perks. They’ll also need to get comfortable switching control between Victor and Charlotte. Victor can do quite a bit of damage and help lead Charlotte to the player to complete the sacrifice. The Twins will be good for separating survivors and sabotaging their work on the Generators more efficiently.

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Dead By Daylight is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, & Nintendo Switch.

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