Who Is The NBA Player Behind The Whatchamacallit Mask?

Whatchamacallit is hoping to survive this week’s double elimination on The Masked Singer, but we already know which NBA player is behind the mask.

The group B finals and double elimination on The Masked Singer are fast approaching, and fans are making their final guesses at who is behind the remaining four masks. One of the costumes that has stumped many is Whatchamacallit, but we are certain we know who he is.

Since his first performance, many have suspected Whatchamacallit is an athlete due to his substantial height. With host Nick Cannon standing at a solid 6’1″, it’s clear Whatchamacallit is noticeably taller and has to be at least 4 or 5 inches above that mark. The problem is, he can also sing. While not quite in the realm of fan favorites like Sun or Seahorse, he is holding his own in the vocal dept. This narrows the wide-open field of tall athletes down even more. While the judges have thrown out several athlete’s names, we don’t think they’ve managed to get the right one yet.

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All along we’ve predicted Whatchamacallit to be NBA star Lonzo Ball. At 6’6″ tall, he fits the bill in the height department. This week’s clues further solidify that prediction. In the previous week’s clue package we pointed out that the jello clue was likely a reference to LiAngelo Ball, Lonzo’s brother, who goes by the nickname Gelo (pronounced jello). Well, this week we saw marshmallows. The third Ball brother happens to be named LaMelo and goes by Melo. The previous clues included a black panther to reference his father, who played for the Carolina Panthers. In this latest package, Whatchamacallit told a story of getting a call that his mother was in bad shape. He said, however, that she wanted him to continue. Lonzo Ball’s mother had a stroke just as he was entering the NBA. He then said she made him realize his dream was her dream too. Ball’s mother Tina played college basketball herself.

Another clue that followed through from the first clue package was BBB. In the first clue package, we saw three bees. In the second clue package, we saw a treble clef with three musical notes, all “b.” BBB is the logo of Big Baller Brand, an athletic clothing and shoe company Lonzo launched with his family. Ball also has a tattoo of the logo on his arm. There was another shoe clue in the second package as well. There were basketball references in the form of many dimes. “Dropping a dime” is basketball lingo for an assist. There was a book called Hairy Tales of Whatchama Fam, and he said he was an open book. This could be a nod to the reality show Ball in the Family, which stars the entire Ball family.

The last new clue was Whatchamacallit saying that Ken Jeong should know exactly who he is. It’s no secret Ken is a huge Lakers fan, so this is just one more thing pointing to the former Lakers player. Clues we’ve previously linked to the NBA star include the Sneak Peek episode clue that Whatchamacallit’s career had a Magical start. Since Ball was drafted by Magic Johnson, that fits nicely. In a clock full of visual clues, we pointed out that the hands were on the number 2 and a shrimp. Ball currently plays for the New Orleans Pelicans, where he wears jersey number 2. There was a 4.0 and a pair of chinos. Ball graduated from Chino Hills with a 4.0 GPA. The clock has a bear on it, and Ball played for a team with a bear mascot – the UCLA Bruins. If this isn’t enough to convince anyone that Whatchamacallit is NBA player Lonzo Ball, then it will be very clear when he removes his mask.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST on Fox.

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