Street Fighter 5 Characters With The Best (& Worst) Fashion

Character design is an important part of fighting games. However, not every Street Fighter character has an awesome wardrobe to choose from.

Appearance is an important factor when choosing one’s main character in a fighting game. A player’s character should do more than just have strong moves, they should look cool too. To that end, Street Fighter 5 has a brigade of uniquely designed characters and DLC outfits to choose from. However, some are certainly better than others.

Until very recently, alternate costumes were rare in Fighting Games. Disregarding exceptions like Kazuya’s original Devil skin from the first Tekken, fighters from the arcade era were stuck with the same costume and its alternate colorings. Players did their best to express themselves by choosing their favorite color schemes, but it wasn’t until fighting games experienced a renaissance in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 generation that honest-to-god alternate costumes became common.

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Now, in games like Street Fighter 5 and Mortal Kombat 11, alternate costumes are one of the main ways players distinguish themselves from the pack. Street Fighter 5, in particular, has heaps upon heaps of costume DLC for players to pick, with the only downside being that not all of it is amazing.

Street Fighter 5’s Best Outfits

Capcom has information on every Street Fighter 5 character, along with their various alternate outfits, listed on their website. After almost five years, every character in the game has at least a few alternate costumes, but the ones that stand out the most belong to characters like Chun Li, Dhalsim, and Balrog. What puts these characters in the upper echelons is their incredibly strong default designs which are supported by a number of voguish alternates.

Chun-Li has, by far, the most amount of DLC outfits to choose from in Street Fighter 5. Some of them are repetitive, but other outfits (like her Battle Outfit 1 dress) rival her default outfit in terms of quality. Other characters, like Dhalsim and Balrog, underwent redesigns for Street Fighter 5. These are two characters whose new default skins look just as good, if not better, than their classic Street Fighter costumes. Of course, these classic costumes are also available as DLC, but some of their other alternates look amazing too. One of Balrog’s costumes is even a throwback to the character Mike from the original Street FighterMeanwhile, Dhalsim’s wardrobe is packed with amazing alternates fitting for his sage-like character. Still, few of them compare to the novelty of his Street Fighter 5 track suit costume.

Street Fighter 5’s Worst Outfits


The things that make a bad costume bad are somewhat hard to define, but usually it is because the design ruins the integrity of the character in some way. Take the Street Fighter 5 redesign of Akuma, for example. For the most part, he keeps his classic purple gi and fire-red hair, except now that hair circles around his head in a lame lion’s mane only to be topped off by a non-top-notch top-knot at the front of his head. The same can be said for Birdie’s redesign, which recharacterizes him from a tough, British punk-rock gangster, to an overweight oaf with a beer gut. Only his classic costume in Street Fighter 5 keeps the original, hardcore spirit of the character alive.

Oddly enough, Chun-Li’s costumes also fit this category. Her default, classic skin, and battle outfit all look astounding, but her wardrobe is riddled with repetitive, gratuitous DLC that do nothing to distinguish her. She’s one of the only Street Fighter 5 characters with two swimsuit outfits, and she has three nightgowns and cop outfits each. It’s completely unnecessary for a character to have so many costumes, especially when half of them do not even characterize the fighter in a unique or interesting way.

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