PS5 & Xbox Series X/S Restock Coming To Walmart Tomorrow

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will be back in stock tomorrow, but buyers should be ready to log on instantly when the consoles become available.


Players still seeking an Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 need look no further than Walmart tomorrow, as the giant retailer will be getting a restock of both systems. The launch of the now current generation of hardware is breaking launch sales records, especially considering the hardships many companies have had running things as normal during the year 2020. Both consoles were advertised ahead of time to be in short supply, and any stock that pops up across the web is almost instantly sold out. The game industry has only grown over the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 years, with more players than ever looking to jump in.

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While plenty of gamers are looking to grab new hardware, many are doing it for performance gains on existing titles rather than whole new exclusive games. Cross-gen titles like Gears 5 and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales are turning head for their graphical prowess and improved load times when compared to their previous-gen counterparts. Even older titles like Mortal Kombat 11Destiny 2, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection are rolling out impressive upgrades for the new hardware, with many more titles planning similar upgrades in the future. New games are certainly coming, but this generation is also all about keeping a digital library of experiences moving forward.

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The Internet’s favorite deal hunter Wario64 has revealed via Twitter that both versions of the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 will be back on sale tomorrow at 12 PM PT/3 PM ET. As with any online order for an item this coveted, timing is key. Potential buyers are recommended to be in front of the computer a good deal of time before the consoles go on sale, as all four systems are highly likely to sell out within minutes of the new stock coming online. Players should also set up accounts with payment information on the Walmart website in order to avoid any potential hitches that could make the console vanish into someone else’s shopping cart.

For those hoping that this launch madness will subside sometime soon, there’s bad news on the horizon. Microsoft has officially stated that consoles will be hard to find in stores until at least April, apologizing to customers that their supply cannot possibly meet demand. Meanwhile, there have been reports that PlayStation manufacturing was cut short due to production yield issues, although Sony has rebuked that claim themselves. Either way, both pieces of hardware will continue to be coveted prizes well past the 2020 holiday season.

The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are impressive machines. After a generation of underpowered hardware. it’s no wonder that many gamers want to upgrade to a device that can rival some of the best gaming PCs in terms of performance. With the addition of ray tracing, HDR, and other technologies previously only existing in the realm of buzzwords and marketing speak, video games have never looked better. As the generation moves on, they’ll only continue to improve as developers figure out exactly what the limits of these new systems are.

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Source: Wario64

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