Everything To Know About Rain Brown

Fans of Alaskan Bush People would like to know about the nature-loving youngest Brown sibling, Rainbow Brown, and her unique upbringing.

Fans of Alaskan Bush People want to know more about the family’s youngest, Rainbow Brown. The nature-loving mother-of-two is a spitfire who is strong within herself.

Rainbow Brown is the youngest sibling and daughter of the Brown family. Fans will recall watching her grow from a young girl into an adult before their eyes. She and her sister, Snowbird, could always be found playing with their dolls together, or caring for the animals. She was often coddled by her mother, Ami, since she is the youngest. Rain eventually wanted a bit of her own independence and finally was able to build a home of her own on the family’s property.

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According to Rain’s Instagram profile, she is a mother to Jakson and Bardum, child of God, inspirational writer, and a full time warrior.” After checking out her social media account, it is easy to understand how much the reality star loves nature. She is also a huge lover of animals. Recently, she has even set an example to her fans by photographing herself in a mask.

Fans who watch the show know the family is a tight-knit group. While she is close with most of her siblings, she and Snowbird are the best of friends. While Rain enjoys the outdoors, she also enjoys taking some time to bake and often posts her delicious treats online. The youngest child has always been open to trying new things and fans will recall when she took on a new hairstyle by shaving half her head. Now, she has gotten even more brazen and dyed it pink. Discovery fans almost didn’t recognize her. Rain has certainly changed her look since last season, where her hair was darker and her face a bit thinner. But a different look is to be expected when you are focused on trying to save your home from the massive wildfires on the west coast.

Rain has often defended the family show, explaining to fans that everything that happens is real, even the time on the 11th season when she almost lost her life on the cherry picker as it started to flip. For many, Rain is also a source of strength as she has been very open about her battle with depression. For most fans of The Alaskan Bush People, Rain is the easiest of the siblings to relate to, since she spent the shortest amount of time living in the wild. She does not have such a strong accent like some of her other siblings, and she understands more social cues. Fans are looking forward to following her on her adventures for years to come.

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