All of Noah Erb’s Hottest Photos on Instagram

Tayshia Adams from The Bachelorette made Noah Erb shave off his mustache on TV, gave him a rose in return, and upset her other suitors.

Every season of  The Bachelorette needs a good old-fashioned villain. While Noah Daniel Erb is currently topping the villainy charts on Tayshia Adams’ season, it’s also his former mustache that was giving him that whole bad boy vibe. It turns out that after Tayshia shaved the ‘stache, Noah from Oklahoma went from 0 to 100 quickly. This has tempted some The Bachelorette fans to hit follow on his Instagram.

Clare Crawley exited The Bachelorette building, leaving behind a lot of men who now had to impress Tayshia. Some guys, including Brendan Morais and Ivan Hall, have managed to catch the phlebotomist’s eye. Then again, she does have her own men to choose from. Spencer Robertson won Tayshia’s first impression rose and kiss. Now, it’s Noah’s turn to rake in the resentment. The travel nurse got a chance to step into the wrestling ring on last night’s The Bachelorette, which he did. He ended up becoming Tayshia’s pick for an after-party invite, a rose, and everyone else’s salty stares. Now, with the ‘stache out of the way, Noah is free to steal more kisses (and screen-time) on The Bachelorette season 16. Here are some Instagram pics of Noah for fans to enjoy:

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It’s the Tulsa lad Noah’s profession (travel nurse) that literally takes him places, as is evident via his Noah Erb Instagram.

The Bachelorette star’s “thrill-seeking” hobby seems to have started off early. Noah’s oldest Instagram pictures show him “ridin dirty” and using Lord Of The Rings quotes as captions.

Noah shocked fans when he revealed the fact that he has ten siblings to Tayshia. The 25-year-old proudly flaunts his Erb family on IG, including his twin, Aaron.

Nothing says “hot” like a Bachelorette contestant that has an off-screen job! This 2014 post features Noah announcing his happiness at landing a grown-up job in 2014 (at Ashley’s Furniture.)

Nurse Noah reports for duty in his scrubs debut on Instagram. The ABC celeb has an Associate’s Degree in Registered Nursing from Tulsa Community College.

This is where things take a crazy turn at Noah’s Instagram. While it’s not Noah (it’s his identical twin) posing for the picture, Noah’s reference to his The Bachelor franchise future is creepy. His caption reads, “The final rose ceremony… she said yes. Congratulations twin” with Noah tagging @thebachelortv and Ben Higgins in the 2016 post.

According to his newly updated ABC bio, Noah has spent the last year working tirelessly on the pandemic front lines, as a registered travel nurse. Can Tayshia hand him her final rose already?

Tayshia cannot take credit for being the first to shave Noah’s mustache off onscreen. The healthcare professional can be seen giving his 16.2k plus followers an exclusive before and after look.

Pizza and Noah… this is a combination that looks just as good as it sounds. P.S. Do not miss the man bun.

In April 2018, Noah quit his first job as a baby “murse” and took a month-long vacation to Europe. Upon returning, The Bachelorette star landed his first nursing contract in California.

The mustache makes a reappearance as Noah is seen heading to Mount Everest to do “backflips in the Himalayas.”

Here’s “Noah of The Jungle” with his Bachelorette-worthy abs on display.

This is video proof that Noah can go to great heights to meet his favorite people. Tayshia’s favorite had apparently climbed a tree during Khalid’s concert, but ended up “distracting everyone from the stage.”

In his latest selfie, Noah ditches a regular Halloween costume for his uniform of scrubs and ‘stache. Does Tayshia from The Bachelorette still think Noah is “danger” enough?

Now that you’ve seen some highlights from his feed, you’ll be even more psyched for new episodes of The Bachelorette!

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The Bachelorette season 16 airs Tuesdays at 8pm EST on ABC.

Source: Noah Erb/Instagram, ABC

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